“What Songs Do You Want To Be Sung About You?”

This is a question that really throws “What do you want in life?” or “Where do you want your life to go?”

“What Songs Do You Want To Be Sung About You?” proposes a different angle to an old problem.

“Where do you want to go?” is often met with, “I don’t know.” People just know that they don’t want to be where they are. The thing is… Your past does not define you. Your parents do not define you… You’ve heard all this before, I imagine.

So try this. What obstacles you overcame and how you overcame your obstacles to stand victorious above your abuse… THAT defines you.

So I ask you again, “What songs do you want to be sung about you?” Do you want them to sing about your victory against Mental Illness, trauma, and abuse? Do you want them to sing about how you overpowered the Narcissists in your life and how you escaped them? Do you want the songs to tell the world of how you vanquished your fear against all odds?”

How you went from desolate, forgotten, lost, sad, and broken to happy, wealthy, in love, rich, loved, wanted, and adored by all?

Well then… You’re half way to your ideal Story.

It’s never about “where” you want to be in life. It’s how you want to stand victorious in the end. To have risen above all odds, even while in the lowest of lows. How did you overcome and rise again?

So tell me, what songs do you want to be sung about you? And then write them. Write those songs FIRST. I did. That’s how I did it. I wrote the Bardic Songs I wanted the world to sing about me… and then, I felt obligated to uphold them. But more importantly, I wanted to live up to the tail. More than anything. I lived up to the tail.

Don’t focus on the problem in front of you. Focus on the songs they will sing at your Victory Feast. (Seriously! Why don’t we all do Victory Feasts? I ordain it! I’m bringing them back! We are doing Victory Feasts!)

And at our Victory Feasts, we will sing of the tail of how we vanquished Enemies and defeated foes!

If the discouragement floods you, counter it with encouragement. Encouragement gives Courage. Discouragement takes Courage. Give Courage to yourself in your words. Always remember the 1st Ethic.

About the Author: Anna Imagination