When Narcissism Isn’t Narcissism

A Class just on staying Safe and getting help if you suspect you are in Danger. DO NOT DO THIS ALONE. This Class Segment is public because those who need it, NEED IT.

Psychopathic Narcissists are Criminals who ENJOY your fear. They are 100% capable of killing, kidnapping, and rape regardless of who you are. They are most often Serial Killers and Pedophiles. They abandoned the Ethical Path (if every they were on it) and they DO feel Emotion. They feel Emotional Joy when you suffer.

This is not actually Narcissism, but Criminal Psychopathy you are dealing with. They use Narcissism strategically and on purpose to watch you dance and obey. It gets them off.


You must understand, they get an Adrenaline Rush when you Suffer. Be prepared to escape, get out, run, and stay GONE, but not until you are READY and ONLY with the care and supervision of a Professional. Prepare for the “Urge to Go back,” This is the “Slave-Mind” they trained into you.

What if they won’t let me get therapy?

I am in the process of putting a Help Center in place for people in this position. That will have to become a DIY Extraction process and you will have to therapy yourself. This is what I did. It’s called an Extraction. I have done 3 of these successfully since I was 14 and have also witnessed one failed attempt. They were very common where I lived.

If you are certain that you are “in this alone” then a Free Course is available for you here. (Link Coming Soon as soon as the Course is finished)

We are in the process of getting a team of Psychologists together to review and confirm the plan provided to you will be Certified by Professionals. Be aware that, at this time, it is not.

Once we have the team of Professionals verify the DIY Extraction Course, we will be setting up a Hotline where people will be on call to help you. You will have to do 100% of the Call-Ins. They will have a copy of my Course and they will be there 24/7 to guide you through, help keep you alive, and encourage you through the process. You are not alone. I have been where you are. I know the path out. My Goal is to pass on the Path I took to you so that you can follow the same steps.

After that, we will be connecting the Hotline to the FBI Division that specializes in Extractions so they can prepare for your Extraction. I will be working with your Mental Mindset to get you Fortified and prepared. SECRECY IS KEY. They CANNOT SUSPECT this. Use your Intuition. It is most groomed for your survival.

The plan is, when you are ready to schedule your Extraction, call the Hotline and they will contact the FBI for you. The FBI will execute. This is the plan. We will have a Safe house ready. The plan will be for you and any/all children to be extracted with you. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Through all of this, The Healing Garden will be walking you through the Mindset you will need to prevent Regression. Once we get you to the Safe House, The Healing Garden Course will move into Stage #2 where you heal and we help restore you to your Freedom.

The Healing Garden is there with you from this moment to your Freedom. 100% of the Program is Free to you.

Stage #1 is (Survive to Escape). Once you graduate from Stage #2 (Recovery), you will move onto Stage #3 (Freedom Integration) where you can come out of hiding. The Hotline that you call in on will be used (if you choose it) to press charges and have The Slave Master apprehended if you desire to go that route.

In Stage #3, when you come out of hiding, The Healing Garden will shift to your Integration into a Free Society Mindset. It will teach you the language, what you can expect, the Slave Mind and how you can manage it and recognize it. YOU will be 100% In control. YOU will have 100% say-so through all of this (We teach you how if you are concerned about this. Many people in this position are not used to making choices).

You do not need to “change owners” or jump from frying pan to fire to frying pan to stay safe. We get you out.

This path is highly dangerous and is only recommended for those who KNOW they are trapped and ARE in danger and who CANNOT access a Therapist. If you can access a Therapist, DO SO, we strongly recommend it for you. Please, if you can get help, then do get help.


We will let you know as soon as our team of Psychologists have approved the DIY Extraction Course. Because of the Sensitivity of this subject, and the unpredictability of your situation, we cannot and do not guarantee your success. Follow the DIY Extraction Course at your own risk. We will do everything in our power on our end to do the best for you, but the Narcissist Psychopath is too unpredictable and dangerous to guarantee your safety or survival. 


Slave Mind

Slave Mind is a fucking bitch. I have an additional complementary Course on how to deal with “Slave Mind” so you can develop a plan for when it happens. Slave Mind is Stockholm Syndrome from the Inside of the Mind, and the “Regression” many people experience once they are free. You have been programed to Serve, Obey, and Stay Close. And your Subconscious Mind associates Safety and Survival with Obedience.

You will master the skill of working with your Subconscious Mind and helping your Mind recover from the Trauma.

GET HELP. This is not something you should do alone. Your best strategy is to placate them, DO NOT LET THEM KNOW. Act Broken and submissive and “surrender” to them, and GET HELP. The “Pretend to Submit and Surrender Strategy” can take a toll on you. GET HELP.

For the Psychopathic Unethical Narcissist, this is a highly advanced Logic Game of Power, Control, Fear, Enslavement, Suffering, and Torture at their enjoyment to entertain them. For you, it is a highly dangerous escape mission where you are a Prisoner of War.

Get Started on Operation : DIY Extraction 

I am a Friend who is helping someone. 

I am a Friend of someone who I want to help.

I want to collaborate with The Healing Garden on this.

The Vagus Nerve and Vagal Vascular Syncope

PTSD and Trauma is regulated by the Vagus Nerve. It is hardwired into the Cognitive Core to create an “All System Failure Shut Down” that causes some people to pass out, have a severe and unpredictable drop in Blood Pressure, loose all control of your bodily function (including public defecation), and experience Mental Paralysis.

This condition is Physical and Psychological and professionals in Both Medical Fields of Physical and Mental Medicine have no idea what to do with it.

After my work on the Subconscious Mind, I say it is a Mental Condition that has embedded itself into the Physical Body and I do not know how to reverse it from the Subconscious mind side. I still live with this condition. Because, I believe, it is Physical, I do not know how to control it, manage it, or adjust it. It is nowhere in the Subconscious Mind that I can find.

I know how to prevent it so that it doesn’t trigger. But, once it triggers, everything is handed from the Mind over to the Brain and there is nothing I can do.

As soon as I figure this one out, I will let you know.

How to Manage it: I keep water in the bathroom at all times. I cannot sleep beside men in my bed. I cannot date. I just know my triggers and I follow my Personal Laws TO THE LETTER. If my Subconscious Mind detects “Traditional Dating Methods” being used on me or “Psychological Manipulation” of any kind, my body goes into “All System Failure Shut Down.”

All I can tell you is track your Triggers and avoid them. It may be people or Psychological Manipulation that triggers yours. In this… I’m still working on the research.