You are not as old as you think…

I’m watching Frozen #2 and I’m at Olaf’s Song.

And I’m smiling.

The biggest lie that we have been told is our age.

Most 50 year olds are only in the 4th Level of Consciousness. And “things don’t start making sense” until you are in the 24th Level of Consciousness.

A lot happens between 4 and 24. We have “Time” all wrong. We’ve been tracking Sun Days, but we follow Ethical “Days,” which are more… different.

So most of us are 2 Perspectives old… or 4 Perspectives old…

Some of us are 1 Perspective old… And the Perspectives are our real time and age.

I am 28 Perspectives old. My Partner… I think he’s 29, but he is in the Remembering at the moment.

If any of this scares you, just call it one of my stories.

And if you suspect it’s truth… well then… You decide that for yourself when you are in the Right Perspective for you.


My mission and goal is to teach you whatever it is you want to learn about the Ethics, the Perspectives, and your Remembering in your time, and when you are ready, so that you can be prepared for what happens, and so you will know what to expect. And if you are “stuck” on your Journey, I have the Learning Stones to help you find your way.


Think of me as a guide. And watch Frozen #2. I am a Real-Life Elsa. And the one to learn from in that movie is Olaf.

And yes, water has memory. It was made with the same Energy.


I manifested the movie Frozen #2. You can go back to 2015 and see the Manifestations on my blog “Bergen’s Blog” at

My article hating on Frozen #1, my love for The Ice Queen and The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson, my article hating on the Hoover Dam, my own Healing Journey… And my 10 years worth of research on Norway that I began in 2006…

Frozen #2 is my Manifestation.

It took from 2015 to 2019. It took me 4 years to manifest this.

Right down to “Lost In The Woods” (I am a Queen fan and Freddy Mercury is my husband).

“That man sang “Lost In The Woods” for you, Anna, you marry him.”

My manifestation time is down to 1 day now. I’ve been tracking it all my life. Since I was 4.