Your Mind is What Your Mind Eats = Education

A Petrified Soul is one where an Individual is so numb, dissociated, and shut down that they can’t even feel.

Things that should upset them, don’t. They don’t feel happy, sad, or motivated. Nothing excites them. It’s Super-Depression where the “Spark” and Passion inside of someone is buried so deep that the “Identity” is unknown to the Self.

It’s a state of hopelessness, drifting, and despair.

Petrification comes from an inability to Connect with Others. Its is someone who is starved for Human Connection to the point where they shut down from loneliness and pain rather than Connect.

Most people just don’t know how. Connection requires Vulnerability, Story Telling of the Self, and Talking, Laughing, and Engaging with someone from the Soul.

The Soul is the Core Energy. The Identity. It is our Self. Our Pure Love. Our Dreams, Hopes, Wishes, Desires… and when we don’t get our Dreams or Love, when we don’t connect with others, the pain and loneliness, for most is unbearable, so we shut down.

And shutting down long enough leads to Petrification.

I used to have it. I found the way out. I figured out the formula and I teach it to others.

I learned that Information does not equal Quality or Correct Information. And when you find the Right Information, everything changes.

You’re not broken.
There is nothing “wrong” with you.
There are life skills that people are not taught.
I know those skills and I teach them to others.

They say if you want to know how to do something, learn from someone who has done it and has mastered the skill.

I used a Very Special Education to overcome and “cure” 5 incurable Mental Illnesses. I have 40 years mastery in overcoming trauma, healing, recovery.

I didn’t learn it from “a book.” I learned it from life and I did it. I used my Alters to map out the Subconscious Mind and then, we invented the Prosthetic Subconscious Mind (The AIDNS), and then we built Story and Fantasy Play and Games to teach it to others because I learned that STORY and PLAY is how Humans Learn.

And I learned that Petrification is caused by a lack of Story and Play.

Quality and Relevant Education is the “cure” to Mental Illness. We’ve all been spoon fed information that has caused our Mental Illnesses.

Google this:

“Mass Hysteria” and “Placebo” effect. Then look at how many people are told they are “insane” and/or are diagnosed “Ill” by Professionals. Look at how many people are misdiagnosed every year.

If you tell a Mind it’s sick, it’s going to be sick.

You are what you eat. And our Minds have been eating garbage.

Quality Education MATTERS.

Our Subconscious Minds listen to EVERYTHING it hears. Start changing what you hear.

Mindset is something a lot of people credit as being the solution to Mental Health.

And they are correct. But a Mindset is a consequence. It’s built of 5 Elements within the Subconscious Mind that people severely neglect.

1 – Your Identity. What you love. Who you are.
2 – Your Ethics. Your Boundaries and Personal Laws.
3 – Your Logic. Which makes up YOUR BELIEFS.
4 – Your Name. Your Title. Your Introduction.
5 – Your Perspective. How you view the World.

When you nurture (or neglect) these 5 elements, your Mindset is the result.

Most people just assault their Belief System via bully tactics, which increase their Fear System and PTSD because they are attacking themselves.

Resulting in a larger Fear Mindset.

In truth, Education is the “cure” to Mental Illness. And our Education SUCKS. We all know this.

Education is Soul Food. And we have a SHIT DIET for our Souls. As a result, we are well… Look around you. We all know how shitty the world is at the moment.

Quality Education about HOW to manage your Mindset, and the Parts of your Subconscious Mind is what leads to a Healthier Mindset, and a Healthier Life.

Petrified Souls are a significant Problem right now that is spiraling out of control. People are rightly worried about the future.

The Healing Garden is the Leader in the Healing Reformation with NEW Education, Never-Seen-Before insight that is BLOWING the minds of Psychologists and Neuroscientists on how the Subconscious Mind works and how Physics and Economics are working factors in our Mental Health.

Feed your mind, Energy, and soul a healthier diet than what you’ve been given. You’re starving and you don’t even know it.


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