Your Prosperity “Blossoming” Journey Plan

This is simple.


The First Choice You Need To Make

  • Do you have a Dream that you want to get to?
  • Do you wish you had a Dream to live for?

If you have either one of these two problems, we can help you!

Enter into The Garden Restaurant where you will Virtually Dine with The Captain (Anna). It’s “Fine Dining with a Show.” (One per Customer)

Do you Live in New York City? Oh, we are TOTALLY going out! Meet me in Manhattan (I’m a Vegetarian)!

The Second Choice You Need To Make

How Far do you want to go with your Dream?

We have Three Tiers For you. Learning is a Story. Learning is Prerequisitional. This means that you HAVE to learn in the right Order of Operations and with the Correct Mathematical Sequencing. Just like a Story.

You Choose your Destination.

  • Triadic Healing Part #1 (The Self, Healing, How to Use your Subconscious Mind, The 12 Ethics)
  • Triadic Healing Part #2 (How to Cultivate Others and Your Social Service To The World)
  • Triadic Healing Part #3 (How to Take Your Idea Global and Big)
  • Triadic Healing Part #4 (Expand Beyond The Universe and Max Out Your Greatest Potential – Become Like Anna)

100% Free

The Third Choice You Need To Make

  • How much Mentorship do you want?

We have:

  • DIY Pilgrims (100% Free) No Anna
  • DIY With Group Walkthroughs ($$) Anna-in-a-Group
  • DIY With One-On-One Walkthroughs ($$$) One-On-One Anna

The Fourth Choice You Need To Make

  • How Fast do you want to go? (How much time do you wan to commit to this)
  • How much Money can you Invest?

I only work with people One-On-One who “Go All In” and Commit. If you are not willing or ready to make this your TOP Priority in Life and stick with it, then My One-On-One Mentorships are not for you.

I grow My People Big. And I grow My People Fast.


That’s it! If you want to Step Into the Garden and take Direct Action toward finding or getting your Dream, enter into The Garden Restaurant by Scheduling a Zoom Call with Anna.


At the Healing Garden, we do not “do” Sales. We savor Strategic Solutions. After the call, I will be providing you with The Menu for you to browse at your leisure. I’ll be leaving you with my recommendations. When you are ready to place your order, just reach out on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Facebook and we’ll make arrangements.


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