Anna Quotes

“After Integration, the biggest change I saw in my head was the silence.

My Conscious Mind became one.

Now, when I have a beer, throw back and have a party, or become ethereal and dance on moonbeams and dreams, or focus and step into my Professionalism, I can simply point and say, “Ah… That’s the Bergen part of me.” Or, “There’s Joanna.”

I miss talking to them sometimes. I miss our conversations.

But I don’t miss the divided chaos in my head.” – Anna Imagination



“Living as a Multiple made me realize many things, but most of all, it made me realize that every last one of us is a Multiple. The only difference is Multiples can see and know each and every part of themselves. Non-Multiples are too blended to see the individual parts of all the Self.” – Anna Imagination

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