The “How-To” Guide of Emotions
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You may be thinking, “Why is hunger here?” Because Hunger, Thirsty, and Tired are the only three emotions we have all figured out. 

So I want to take this moment to tell you, focus on this. What does it feel like? What is the process? 

We all have three solid examples that we can use for reference! Use them.


Order of Operations: 

You feel X, you think “I need Y.”

You don’t think “I shouldn’t feel this way!” 

You don’t think, “It’s bad to feel thirsty!” 

You don’t think, “I am a horrible person because I feel thirsty!” 

You don’t think, “Oh, no! My Ethics!” 

You don’t weigh in on the dichotomy of Good and Evil and your character because you FEEL Tired. 

You just think, “I need to sleep.” 


So then why, you may wonder, do we struggle with the other emotions? 

Because we are not taught Ethics! So we have plugged in “Emotions” as our “Ethics.” And then we treat our Emotions as if they are Ethics. 


Emotions are not Ethics.

Ethics are Natural Life Skills. We talk about Life Skills over in the Skill Building Course.  

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