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When “The Golden Rule” Forces you to Violate Your 12 Ethics = Narcissism you experience an emotion (a pain) that has no name.

It is the “Opposite of Disgust” and leads to Self-Loathing because you have violated your own Ethic. It’s a constant feeling of “desperation” or “Possessing.” Constant Worry, like you have to sink your fingers into them and not let go… or else… This is the feeling of Projected Distrust.

The Golden Rule is a Constant and is a Law of Physics, which is why it appears in EVERY Religion and Philosophy and in Logic, Math and Physics.

The Golden Rule is The 3rd Law of Newton +> The Law of Averages = Reciprocity.

The Golden Rule, when we are abused and without Practiced Conscious Awareness, causes us to repeat the Action and now we have Forced Ethical Violation.

This is the Core of Narcissism. It is the Opposite of Disgust: Projected Distrust. And The offender? The Golden Rule, which can be overridden with Conscious Awareness and some Mental Discipline.

The Golden Rule is the Mimic-Mirror-Repetition Response.

The Golden Rule makes us violate the violated Ethic within ourselves, which is why Narcissists hate themselves.

The 12 Ethics are not optional.

Nature gives them all to us in order, according to our Growth. You all have them inside of you. Each and every one of us. They are what determine if we are good or bad. JUST these 12 Ethics.

But if you do not know the 12 Ethics, you are not going to be able to Reverse Engineer which Ethics were Violated.

And Narcissist always violate the 2nd Ethic (Self-Authority), 4th Ethic (Self-Control), and the 6th Ethic (Equal-Footing) and, in some cases, the 9th Ethic (Consensual Connection).

Narcissism is “The Golden Rule (Mimic+Mirror+Repetition Response) + The 2nd, The 4th, and The 6th + (Sometimes) the 9th.” … And that is the Narcissist Formula.

To reverse it, you need to reverse the 12 Ethics from 12 to 1, which is The Forgiveness Process.

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