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About Course

Welcome to The Healing Garden!

The Healing Garden is vast.

The Primary Class is on LinkedIn where Anna hosts her classes Live every day. The Free Triadic Healing Courses are available to enhance and follow along with Anna’s classes.

Subscribers to The Healing Garden Digest receive the day’s Lessons.

A number of Add-Ons (The Shops of Forum and Market) and Plugins (Anna’s Menu) are available to meet every need.

This is Vitalogy : The Logic and Science of Life and Human Propagation.


What we Teach

In short, we teach Happiness, Wealth, and Prosperity for the Homo Sapien Sapien. Or “All the things you should have learned in school to be Happy, Wealthy, and Prosperous, but didn’t.”

Our Teachings revolve around The 12 Ethics, which can be broken this down into 3 Primary Focuses:

  • The User’s Manual For The Subconscious Mind, Abuse Proof You, and Problem Prevention
  • Build-A-Business : Mother Nature’s Business Model (The Ethical Business Model)
  • The Learning Journey Of The Discovered Self (Unlock Your Inner Pilgrim)


Please Note: A number of our Courses are In Progress and do show upcoming classes and the Syllabus. As Anna covers each lesson, the Class and Corresponding Video will be updated. Registered Students will be notified of the changes. 

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What Will You Learn?

  • The Healing Garden Help Desk and Directory, to help you get started and find your way.

Course Content

The Importance Of This Knowledge

The Radical Global Healing Plan

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