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“Tell your Story” the Universe says to me… over and over now for two years. The things is, I didn’t know my Story to tell it. Now… I can finally tell you my Story.” – Anna Imagination



I am Anna Imagination and my Dream is vast. But I cannot do this alone.

In 2022, I was too mentally ill to get a job, too mentally ill to communicate to others, and too mentally ill to even fill out the paperwork for Government Aid.

I have been living in New York City since 2021 without a job. I began building The Healing Garden out of desperation to get out of my own head, cure my Mental Illness enough to talk, and then, on the Compassion of New Yorkers, I survived with my Children.

In 2020, my “best friend” of 28 years, who was also my second husband of 12 years, despite knowing I had 5 incurable mental illnesses, threw me out because “I was too old to [breed].”

You see, I had been a Domesticated Slave from 1980 to 2020, was raped on 9/11, lived as a shut-in for 20 years, was tortured for 6 months and wore chains, witnessed horrific levels of animal abuse, beaten, and was prepped and trained for trafficking and being an escort for pedophiles.

In 2015, I was Diagnosed : Incurable.

I had Borderline Personality Disorder, BiPolar I, Multiple Personality Disorder (DID), Depression, Suicidal Ideation, and -C-PTSD. Social Anxiety, and Codependency and Narcissism with Stockholm Syndrome. This is what they did to me.

In short, I was too damaged to go out the front door. I had to go through the Back Door, so I Reverse Engineered my Mental Illnesses. All of them. Using Logic and Science in my head. And then, I documented the Logic, Math, and Physics I used to do it while I did it.

“How? How did you beat all odd?”

At 12 years old, I developed one, single Addiction. Only one. I became Addicted to Knowledge. I became Addicted to Learning. And I decided to study Philosophy. True Philosophy. And that is where I found The God Code. I used it on myself. I was 15 years old at that time. All this time, I was learning how to learn Faster than my Subconscious Mind could Protect me. I had to “get ahead” of my Subconscious Mind… only… I had 4 of them that I was up against. And I had to “out learn” and “out think” them all.

It took me 32 years to do it.

As I healed, I recorded 100% of my Journey. My Healing and my Recovery left me incompatible with The System, which runs on a slavery that most cannot see. … But I grew up a Slave so I can see it where others cannot. So I could not return to The System. And as I healed and as I discovered the Secrets to Healing, I recorded each and every discovery and solution I found Live on YouTube.

My books, My podcasts, my Blogs are the healing journey I underwent while I discovered what I found while I visibly healed myself before the public. You can visibly see Triadic Healing Work. You can see my Perspectives Change as I discovered each Lebel of Consciousness. You witness how the Learning of Each Ethic changed me. In many cases, you witness the Perspective Shifts live.

It all is there.

My Podcast is not a podcast. It is a Scientist’s Lab Journals. YouTube IS my Documentation of the Research I did from 2014 to 2024 as I discovered the Cure to Mental Illness. My work is PRICELESS as it takes the viewer into the mind of The Mentally “Insane” … and then you can see how “not insane” we really are.

And now, as I come to the end of my Research, as my Healing is complete, I have to document all of it…

I am in the process of creating:

Addiction Classes, DIY Extractions, Ethical Parenting, Ethical Relationships, Ethical Teaching, “The Lost Subjects of Alexandria,” The Pilgrimage : Journey Into The Self, The Philosopher’s Compass and how it is the Solution to Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method, The Healing Garden’s Radical Global Healing Plan, Power Economics, and The Map of the Subconscious Mind, The Abstract Intra-Dimensional Navigational System (The AIDNS), and also the Prosthetic Subconscious Mind, which I invented and used to cure my Mental Illnesses.

All of them, in 1 year. And I documented 100% of the ENTIRE PROCESS LIVE on YouTube.

And now, I have to Journal, Document, Research, and Build all of my work that spans 35 years of research into User Friendly DIY Courses, Classes, and Healing Material for The Homeless, Domestic Violence Survivors, US Veterans and The World.

This work is too important to put on hold. I cannot “Get a job.”

The Healing Garden needs money.

The Healing Garden is looking to raise over $200,000 USD by June 2024. This will pay all of my household debts (Over $40,000 including 6 months of unpaid back rent, Electric and Gas). Ads and Marketing for The Healing Garden, Alexandria, and Anna’s Playground for Game, Play, and Community-Styled Hands-On Healing, Legal Fees, Website Designers, PR Exposure, and basic Business Expenses.

I sold my car and all valuable Liabilities to just to get to this point. I have had to borrow over $30,000 from friends and family.

If you believe in The Healing Garden and our Mission of World Peace, Global Mental Healing, The 12 Ethics of Natural Law, if you want to be part of what it is we do here, please consider becoming a Financial Part of what we do here. We are looking for Angel Funders, Sponsors, and any and all Donations, big or small to make The Garden grow.

The 3rd Ethic. Accepting your own Limitations and learning to Humble yourself to the Lesson: That sometimes, you will have to ask for help.  This too, I accept. I need your help.

The Healing Garden is a respite for those without Love, Home, or Family. We belong to them and they belong to us. Please help them find us. Your money will help them find us.

The Healing Garden is a solution to all the problems we are all suffering under. Parenting, Relationships, Economics, Addiction, Narcissism, Depression, Teaching, Poverty, Human Connection… We found the Mathematical Formulas to solve them all. Your money will help get this information to all who need it.

The Healing Garden is The Network Tuned to the Love Force that nourishes us through Mother Nature. Within my Pilgrimage, I found The Fountain of Youth, which is The Vortex. The People who step into my Community, join The Vortex. They align with Mother Nature and themselves and Equilibrium is restored. I call it PANDO. Because we are Connected. We are I and All and One. Your money will get The PANDO to the World.

The Healing Garden is Hope for the most lost. As we all heal, Hope will be felt by even the most lost. And the Suicide rate will drop. And the Mental Illness Pandemic will end… and so many people will have so much to Celebrate… Your money will help us be seen and heard by them.

The Healing Garden is a Celebration for those who Survive and Make it. Because we all have so much to Celebrate. Lightworkers are trained under The Healing Garden to carry the message world wide. Your money will help us heal in Play and Laughter.

The Healing Garden is a Walkthrough, a Step-by-Step Pathway from wherever they are to Home. To Their Truth. To the Knowing of Who They Are where they can Connect and where they will know how. And then, they will Know Love as a Place. Home are the People who exist in Love. Home is where Love is. Love is a Place. It is a Mindset that everyone is trying to get to. I have the Formula and the Path to get them there. Your money will light up this Path and send out a Beacon so they all can follow.

Your money will help us afford Legal Fees for our Non-Profit Organization as we build The Healing Garden’s DIY Extraction and Recovery Program for trapped victims who are currently under the control of Abusive Domestic Terrorism.

My own past provided with me the knowledge of experiencing no less than 6 Extractions over 40 years. My insight on the subject is substantial and unmatched.

What We Stand For

The Healing Garden is Wisdom granted from The Universe and Mother Nature. And I am in her Service to always deliver her Gifts to The World. I am HonorBound by Ethical Law and the Force that is Love. I cannot break my Oath. I am her Consensual Slave (Freedom and Love… It’s an Advanced Ethical Law) and it was the only way I would be granted this Knowledge. I had to prove myself worthy to her.

The Healing Garden donates 100% of its Resources and Course Material to Non-Profit organizations and Schools in the United States.

The Healing Garden is The Alma Mater, The Nourishing Mother of Society that offers Ethics, Healing, Pilgrimage, Education, and Respite to any who seeks it. We do not identify as Spiritual or Religious. We belong to the “Self-Governed Political Party of Ethical Law and Natural Order.” We are PASSIONATE Capitalists and we love the Free Market and Capitalism. We are LGBTQIA+ Allied. We are owned by a Latino Man and a White Bisexual Woman/BDSM Mistress who goes by “Satan’s Wife” because Dichotomy hurts.

The Healing Garden has a sense of humor because “Laughter is the best medicine” and we’re not afraid to use it.

The Healing Garden Business Plan is available upon request and includes a 5, 10, 15, and 20 year plan.

In other words, I am John Galt. And I have the Motor. I “shrugged” in 2022, and I’m not hiding away in a mountain. Instead, I built a Business and a Non-Profit Organization in which to “Teach the World How Anna Imagination “Diagnosed : Incurable” in 2015 Healed and Overcame The Impossible and became Diagnosed : The Impossible.” … and how You can too.

I call it The Healing Garden’s Radical Global Healing Plan…

And I need money to pull this off.

Please Donate to The Healing Garden and Anna Imagination

  • Venmo – @annaimaginationNYC

If you would like to collaborate and/or become a Sponsor Contact Anna.

If you want to get involved or “connect” your Business, Dream, Mission, or Ideas to The Healing Garden, Contact Anna.

PS – Yes. I am okay. 🙂 I made it out! I made it! And yes, I am happy. I am at peace. And I am FREE.

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