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Ishu Bansal

When we know what causes Mental Illness, where it comes from, and how to prevent it, we can use strategy, planning, and Chain Reaction Science to navigate our lives away from and around abusers long before we let them into our lives. 

It is 100% about prioritizing Self-Preservation over The Perceived Authority of others. 

Authority is the catalyst of Mental Illness.

And Displaced Authority takes hold when the Abuser convinces the Target that “My Authority is bigger and better than your Authority.” 

People need to be taught that Authority does not at all means what Abusers teach us it means. And people who are in Authority need to stop using “Authority” and Hierarchy as a pedestal because it communicates one message : “Someone else has to save me. I’m not authorized to save myself.”

Hence Psychologists.

This leads to the Forbidden Fruit Paradox, which causes Mental Illness.

True Teachers and Humbled Leaders NEVER use Authority to LEAD. Only abusers do. True Leaders lead from the Bottom to Empower and Elevate People.

Ghandi. Mother Theresa. Booker T. Washington. No Authority required.

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