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Education, the right education, shows us where Psychological Abuse comes from, why, and how to avoid it and deflect it entirely. It trains us how to recognize what we are really dealing with. 

Abuse is a Mask. It is a Delusion (The pain is real). But 100% of Abuse looks like A, when it is really B. Freudian Psychologists say Abuse is C, while they focus your attention on A. Meanwhile, the Abuser tells you it is D. 

B. The answer is B. The whole thing is a Delusion. The Abuser is a Coward and a Magician who has sold to you. And you bought what he was selling, just so he COULD hurt you.

That is Four Points of Views that we are given during abuse. One is a Red Herring. One is a mask. One is Hidden. One is a Delusion. Only Education (like in this post) teaches you what you are really dealing with, which allows you to deal with it so you can properly protect yourself.

It’s like showing up to a burning building with a Picnic Basket. You need the right tools for the right scenario. 

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