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There are Six People here present. I will introduce them all to you. My Conscious Awareness (Anna). My Identity (Imagination) and my Subconscious Mind (Mother Nature). 


Your. Your Identity (Name your Identity and give him/her a Gender THIS IS IMPORTANT). And Your Subconscious Mind (Mother Nature) 


The Subconscious Mind is Sentient and also, is the only “voice” in your head that YOU can’t hear because It’s Consciousness belongs to Mother Nature who is HIGHLY logical. 


If you don’t master your mind, then Mother Nature will do it for you. When we fight her, it hurts. This is the Science of “How to not fight Mother Nature so you don’t have pain anymore.”


Ours is the most logical of minds. But Consent is mandatory. So you choosing to read on is your consent. This is 100% usable with a therapist. My Psychologists friends have worked with me to structure this for ALL others to use. This is in the Beta Test. No medications, manipulations, or brainwashing. It is just PURE logical Knowledge required for the Subconscious Mind to do what the Subconscious Mind does.


We do not discuss anything intimate or personal. Those details are all distractions from the real problem: Our Educational System failed to teach us how to Self-Regulate and Read our Emotional Messages, Self-Discipline our Mental Tools, or utilize Problem Solving in Real Life Application in accordance with our Minds because we simply did not have this information for a very long time.


I promise you I will not be giving you any information here I will not be giving to my People. The Agenda is to restore YOU to your TRUE Self. To make the Self Independent, Free, and Healthy. To liberate you by empowering you with Knowledge. I have taken a vow to do no harm.


On a personal note, I use the word “Manifestation” because I lack any other word to explain what this is. But Manifestation is also not the correct word. This is not the Spiritual Divining stuff that people practice “if they believe hard enough.” The Manifestation I use is based on Neuroscience and is actually steeped in Logic and Physics. I use the word “Manifestation” only because I have no other word for it at this time, and I felt it was best to not reinvent another word for this purpose. 


You will need 

  • Logical If/Then clauses
  • A strong command of Words and word placement.
  • “Manifestation” (Math, Physics, and Logic placement)
  • Knowledge about the Subconscious Mind’s RAS
  • Point of View Shifting with “I and You and All and Us.” I will teach this to you. 
  • Practice and Time
  • Logical Comprehension of “what is going on”
  • PATIENCE is important in this.


The goal #1 is to RELAX and SOOTHE your Subconscious Mind.


You need to know about your RAS and how it works.


Your Subconscious Mind uses Amnesia, Red Herrings and Distraction, and Logical Fallacy with Emotion to fight you.


An undisciplined Subconscious Mind is a Narcissist. It uses the same tactics to defend and protect the Mind. I will be covering this with you in more detail at the right time. Timing in all of this is essential. 


“Healing” is your Subconscious Mind vs. Your Conscious Awareness. The Mission is to Free your Identity.


When your Subconscious Mind fights, it needs to be SOOTHED with KNOWLEDGE. That is what everyone misses. Most people bully the Mind instead, which is counterproductive and causes the Mind to become more afraid.


Words play a massive role in this. What we say comes true. What we say reinforces our beliefs, good or bad. What we say trains and/or reaffirms the lesson in the Subconscious Mind. What we say goes right into our RAS. 

For the Science Nerd

For the Psychologist

For the Common Man


Subconscious Minds are mirrors that absorb, and process everything through REFLECTION. The Law of Reflection applies. 


Your Emotions are the “Instructions” your Subconscious Mind gives to you so you know what to do, but you have to be able to speak “Subconscious Mind,” which I call “Abstractic.” 


Fear is ALWAYS a Clue of what to learn.

The Solution to Fear is Education.

I have a Logical Flow chart to bypass the Logic Loop if you need it. (I will provide it in the next few sections and at the right time).


Ask yourself “What are you afraid of?”

The answer is what you need to learn so you can prevent it from happening. 

You also need the “If I Learn X, then I will know and I will succeed.”

If your Mind argues, “I don’t know how,” then you need to learn. 

If your Mind argues, “I don’t know what to learn,” that is exactly what I am teaching you here. 

If your Mind argues, “But I’ve already tried everything,” say this is a Logical Fallacy because you have not tried THIS. Because if you DID try everything then you would have the right answer. 


“I don’t know” is Subconscious Mind talk for “Don’t look over there! It is not safe!” 

Every time you think, feel, or say, “I don’t know,” you need to address your Subconscious Mind like a gentle mother, and give your Subconscious Mind the soft, “Sweetheart. It’s going to be okay. We need this information so we can help each other fix the problem. We’re going to fix the problem now, but only when you’re ready. No one is going to force you. It’s going to be okay. When you are ready to give me the information, I will be open to receive it. But we’re going to make this all better now.” 


Yes. Talk to your Subconscious Mind like a 5 year old child. It is. Furthermore, do not expect instant response. The Subconscious Mind takes time to “deliver.” It may be 2 hours, 3 days, 10 days. A month… Just keep soothing the Subconscious Mind and give it patience. Treat the Subconscious Mind like it is Sentient because it is. 


The Subconscious Mind is pure logic and it runs on Logic. It looks for Logic. It makes up Logic when it can’t find it. (Hence Logical Fallacy).


The phrase, “What If…” Is the Subconscious Miind looking for an If/Then Clause Plan. 


The If/Then Clause, to a Subconscious Mind is a Plan. And this is a Plan that the Subconscious Mind needs to feel safe. 


All Fear just comes from the Subconscious Mind having the correct If/Then Clause Plan for a situation. 


“I can’t succeed” = Learn

“I don’t know how” = This is what we teach you, right here.


“What about…” means “I have a fear that requires an If/Then Clause”

“I don’t know,” means “Please don’t look at that. It is scary. I am afraid.” … Which means, “You need to learn.”


If/Then Clauses are PLANS that the Subconscious Mind NEEDS to feel safe.


“What About…” is another Phrase the Subconscious Mind uses when it wants a Plan or answers.

Obsession and Rumination. Logic Loops and Infinity Circles

When the Subconscious Mind Ruminates obsessively, it lacks information it needs to complete Processing. Learning and If/Then clauses is what it needs and wants.

If your Subconscious Mind is on a “What About…” loop, then write an If/Then Clause.

(See that.. I just fed your RAS an If/Then Clause Plan)


“What if this doesn’t work?” 

“If this does not work, then we will shift angles, review the situation from a different Point of View (which I will teach you how to do) so you can see the entire situation, and then we problem solve again.”


Most people learn Math. Most people don’t learn Logic. Logic is Math. Math is shorthand for Logic. Most people don’t learn how to apply Math to Real Life for Practical Application. The Subconscious Mind runs on Logic.   


At first, your mind may go through MANY “What about…” Loops to find every If/Then clause Plan it needs.


“What if…” is the Mind asking for its If/Then clauses. Learn how to give them to it. I will be teaching you how.


Logic Loops and Catch-22’s are “fail safes” to prevent a Time Paradox.


Most people believe they CAN’T learn.

Despair is not a Belief. Unlearn this.

Despair is Discouragement.

Beliefs are ETHIC-based

Most people do not have the NAME for their Ethics, so they confuse Discouragement with Beliefs.

We will be covering this.

The problem is NOT that you can’t Learn.

The problem is people can’t TEACH because teaching requires a full understanding of how the Subconscious Mind works and functions. No one, until now, has had that information. 

“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein


Learning requires the right information, ALL of the Information, IN the right order.


Learning is done with Courage + Vulnerability (an Openness to Receive) + Trust.

Learning is Only:

“INDULGE until you Appreciate the Opposite” +> Desire Something New +> INDULGE on what you now Appreciate until you learn to value BOTH +> Practice Balanced Appreciation in INTEGRATION

This is 100% of all LEARNING. Combined with your RAS Programming and the Logical Operating Instruction Manual for your Subconscious Mind WITH the Emotional Language Translations, you are looking at a FIERCE and POWERFUL mastery of your Subconscious Mind and it is 100% as Mother Nature intended.


Trauma happens when the Forced Indulgence on one thing resulted in Scarcity of what we actually wanted/needed, interfering with our Learning Process, and Freezing us in an “Indulge to Avoid” Scarcity Mindset. This is at the core of all Mental Illness: Fear of Loss of Resources. The programming you are receiving here is designed to naturally restore the balance in your Emotional Mental Environment, which will correct your Learning System, which will restore Emotional Flow, which will relax your Subconscious Mind, which will return the controls to Identity, so you can Manage your Mental Health properly.


Hence, why the Subconscious Mind needs a plan to know it will be safe to learn again. The Subconscious Mind is Sentient. Treat it as such. With kind, Ethical Respect. And it will be far more cooperative with you. 


Learning is where many people get derailed because of the wrong information out there is INSURMOUNTABLE. So people try the wrong information in the wrong order, and when it fails, they blame themselves (aka Their Subconscious Mind).




This IS the right Information. It is designed to work WITH your Subconscious Mind. Your Subconscious Mind WANTS this. It’s starved for it. Healing IS Learning. They are synonymous.


Mental Illness is Learning Logical Fallacy.

Healing is Learning Logical If/Then Clauses to correct and release the Logical Fallacy.


But the Subconscious Mind will protect its “Logical Programming” with Fear, Amnesia, Doubt, and Distraction. 


Soothe. Never fight your mind. Soothe it with Problem Solving, Solution, Information, a Plan, Transparency, and Action to Solve.

Subconscious Minds only trust Transparency, Logic, and Knowledge. No exception. They are hardwired to look for these things.


If you get stuck, Manifest!

Manifesting is SCIENCE.


Manifestation programs the RAS to filter solutions and not problems. Your RAS is already programmed to filter for problems and dead ends. The key to all of this is to reprogram your RAS to Open Up and look for Solutions, Open Doors, and pathways.


Manifestation relaxes the Subconscious Mind, nurtures hope, and opens the mind to Stage 2: Vulnerability.


The goal #2 is to Manifest THE SOLUTIONS AND INFORMATION to RELAX and SOOTHE your Subconscious Mind.


Don’t Manifest possessions. Manifest Solutions and Education and Information. If you don’t HAVE the knowledge, Find it. Here, we provide it to you.

Manifestation only works WHEN IT IS ETHICAL.

Otherwise, the Subconscious Mind will resist it. The #1 Ethic: Consent. Value and Preserve the Power of Choice of OTHERS as much as the Self. You cannot Manifest others to change. You CAN Manifest yourself to change. You cannot manifest anything that will harm others. You CAN Manifest the healing of others.

When you realize just how deeply we are all connected, you realize that it is Self-Preservation to Preserve others. And then it is not possible to ever harm others. To love and protect and preserve your Self IS to nurture others because we are all connected. Doing something good for yourself is doing something good for others. Doing something good for others is doing something good for yourself for others.

And Self-Preservation is the first Law of the Subconscious Mind. Thus, you learning these skills IS Self-Preservation.


“Show me the next step,” is the most powerful Manifestation because it conditions the RAS to open, scan, and search for answers, solutions, and opportunities (The Billionaire’s secret to wealth…).


What you want is to be healed. That is good enough.

What you want is to be Mentally Healthy. This is all you need.

What you want is to remember who you are.

What you want is to not be afraid anymore.

Remembering who you are IS finding your Identity and restoring her (him) to their rightful place in your Mind.


These, for now, are your long term goals. These are all the “wants” you need right now. 


Focus on Small Goals. Taking the Next step. Stand. Then, After you get to the first milestone, do it again. Walk yourself through this, one baby step at a time.


Keep your goals ACHIEVABLE at first. Think small to practice. We go big once you’re proficient (Master level).


Learning has 4 stages: 


Apprentice. When you are teaching your System a NEW Intuition

Tradesmen. When you have learned the Intuition, but you can’t explain it. This is now a “Skill.”

Master. When you have learned the Intuition, it is now a Skill, and you can identify it, and you can explain simply enough to teach it to others. (See Einstein’s Quote above) 

Philosopher. When you have Mastered the Skill to the point of Creation and Invention using your Intuition. 


Learning is a PROCESS. Everyone MUST start with Apprentice. But, these skills have been practiced by your Subconscious Mind since you were born. Now, we are going to teach your Conscious Awareness how to use the skills of your Subconscious Mind. These skills ARE your Tradesmen level inside of you already. Every single one of us is ALREADY HIGHLY proficient in everything you are learning here.

All we are doing now is training you to shift from Tradesmen to Master by teaching your Conscious Awareness the THEORY behind what you are already doing. For this reason, people who learn this LEARN FAST. Because you are already proficient.


This is how you Discipline your Mind. The goal is to Free your Conscious Awareness and your Identity from the Subconscious Mind enslavement that it has been in.

Stage #3 – Free Your Identity…


At Stage #3, we are going to triangulate your Identity so you can find yourself. But first, we must soothe the Subconscious Mind from Fear (Stage #1). That is most important. The more you develop this skill, the more your Identity will be found. 


When you Free your Identity you will Remember. Remembering is KNOWLEDGE, which will SOOTHE your Subconscious Mind MORE.


This is your Order of Operations for “Healing”:


Knowledge. +>  Information. +>  Plan. +>  Full Transparency with your Mind +> Disclosure.


Your Subconscious Mind CANNOT BE LIED TO. You cannot trick it or try to deceive it. In addition, if you try, these tactics will make it more hostile. SELF-HONESTY IS VITAL for this to succeed. And YOU know when YOU are lying to yourself. Courage. This is the first Ethic, which we will cover. Courage.

Manifest your Courage.

“You are courageous.” You don’t have to believe it. Your RAS just has to hear it. “You are courageous.”


A Subconscious Mind is exactly like a 5 year old child. The goal is to soothe the child. Comfort the child with education, information, consent, Consent consent consent, and planned action. If your Subconscious Mind refuses, respect. It may take some coaxing. 

Consent is actually the Preservation and Fortification of the Power of Choice, which is the FUEL for Confidence, Self-Authority, Self-Esteem, and Proof of Concept. Violate Consent, and you violate Freedom, Power, and Choice.

This is a raping of the Energy. Consent with Equal Footing is THE ONLY WAY TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT the Power of Choice of Others and the Self. DO NOT force your Subconscious Mind. No matter what. PRESERVE your own POWER OF CHOICE. Your Freedom and Entire Core of the Self is at stake.  


The Subconscious Mind MUST have a LOGICAL understanding of WHY it should comply and it MUST be logically understand the advantage of cooperating. The only way to “win over” a Subconscious Mind is through logic.


Fear belongs to the Subconscious Mind, not to the Conscious Awareness or the Identity. Fear is the Subconscious Mind BEGGING you to teach it and help it. This is the information the Subconscious Mind has been looking for. 


What to expect as we go through this:

Some people report feeling immediate calm and relief. The plan alone soothes their fear and excites them. This is good! Others have apprehension. That’s okay. This occurs where Trust is low and Discouragement is high. We cover this. Power of Choice is the solution to Trust and Discouragement. Others are flooded with an entourage of “What if…” and “What about…” 


This is Panic. 

Panic must be handled with calm patience and education with a plan, and lots of Choices made by YOU to empower your Subconscious Mind.

Choice ends Fear. 


“It’s going to be okay. We now have an answer for everything. And we are going to cover everything. By the time you are done reading this, you will know the full plan. No deception. No lies. Pure truth. Pure and full transparency.” 


Your Subconscious Mind is already reading this and processing it. It is going to be okay. This whole time, you only lacked the RIGHT information in the RIGHT order. 


Now, here it is. 


As the Subconscious Mind calms, worry about “what will happen” is common. There will be an adjustment period. It does “feel weird.” In most cases, this is a calm that settles as you gain more understanding and information. 

“Who am I without this!?” is also common. You are meeting yourself, in many cases, for the first time. And believe you me, you are GOING TO LOVE YOU! You’re about to meet your best friend! It will be okay. There is nothing here that I have not experienced or gone through myself.

To meet yourself for the first time can be summarized as, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!” It still is the most euphoric happy high I have ever experienced in my life and others have all reported the same thing. Trust me. You are going to LOVE you…

You know why? Everything you love, want, wish, desire, dream IS you. YOU are the summation of EVERYTHING you love about YOU without any of the fear or pain!  


After a while, the Subconscious Mind learns to relax and it releases its hold on your Identity. The Identity is the one who is supposed to be in Charge. She has all the tools you need to keep yourself Safe and Happy. 

And we will be teaching those tools to you, the Conscious Awareness.


But, until now, you have not had the knowledge to speak with Identity or the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Awareness has to be taught. But we have the information now. 


Identity uses Emotions to communicate what she needs to the Conscious Awareness. The Emotions are Navigation Instructions to “steer” your proverbial Ship through your Life. What you have needed this whole time is just the Emotional Navigational Operating Manual for your Identity. And this is that manual!


Our parents have been looking for this information for a long time, but we only just now have it. As the Subconscious Mind relaxes, welcome it. Open your Mind, and your RAS, open your heart and your Conscious Awareness to the change. 


This is what I call “Normalizing.” It is exactly like a Recalibration of your Compass. In fact, that is EXACTLY what this is. 


Identity will shift more to the center and she (or he) will start to talk to you with emotions again. 


There will be a period where the Subconscious Mind has to learn to Trust Identity, so both will “steer” for a bit as you learn the skills I am giving you here. This is good! It feels a lot like training wheels. So the Subconscious Mind “steers” from the back while Conscious Awareness learns and Identity practices. It quite literally is like riding a bike. There will be a moment when I and the Subconscious Mind will “let go” and you’ll be riding on your own.

THAT moment is LIBERATING. You won’t need us anymore after that, but we’ll be here if you need. Your Confidence will grow. And then you will be Independent. 


Then, the Subconscious Mind “goes to sleep” and the fear is gone. Every now and then, it opens its eyes and lifts its head… After a time The “Fear” System inside of you shows its True Self. Your Self-Preservation System.

The skills you learn here restore Identity to Command. Fortifies your Navigational skills, and soothes the Subconscious Mind. 


The more you practice, the more you learn how to read the Emotional Navigation, the better your skills will advance. 


Sometimes, “life is an upheaval” and bad things happen. This is a lot like a storm. Identity can sail quite smoothly through the storm. But the Subconscious Mind has to learn to trust her to do so. But you have the skills and tools now to translate their language and to communicate with them so you can steer yourself and manage it. 


In addition, we have exercises and the Logic/Math/Physics behind what is really going on so if you need the Theory, which solidifies your understanding and further soothes your Subconscious Mind, you will also have access to this tool. 


Nothing here is built on “faith,” “intuition” or “just believing.” It is all Science, Logic, and Proof. 


The goal #3 is to FREE the Identity so you can REMEMBER, which will BE THE SOLUTIONS AND INFORMATION you need to RELAX and SOOTHE your Subconscious Mind.


A lot of people report fearing their memory. “What will I remember?”

Nothing that you can’t handle. You are ready for it. 100% of what you remember comes back to you when you are ready. The Subconscious Mind chooses to give you back only what you are ready for. 


I have a plan for that already to walk you through that. It is called Cognitive Core Processing. And the Emotional Navigation Manual covers that in a walkthrough. 


The most important thing for you to remember is to allow the Emotions to Flow FREE. But, we will first teach you how to do this to eliminate pain, organize the emotions, and understand what is going on. 


Soothe the Subconscious Mind. It is the Fear that leads to Resistance that causes the Pain. The Emotions THEMSELVES do not cause pain. RESISTANCE does.


I have a walkthrough I’ll be giving you BEFORE you “open” the flood gates so you can better manage the emotions and learn how to read them properly. 


Remember. Your Memories are MORE KNOWLEDGE and information that your Subconscious Mind will USE to Understand and Soothe. Your Memory will CALM your Subconscious Mind and reduce your fear. 


Manifest your MEMORY back.


“You will Remember who you are.”

“You will Find the Solutions to your Problem.”

“You will Learn the right Information to SOOTHE your Fear.”


“You can learn.”

“You can remember.”

“Show me the next step.”


“You will open your Mind for Solutions.”



At the core, the Healing Formula is just: 

  1. Soothe
  2. Learn
  3. Remember
  4. Open + Allow + Accept
  5. Normalize (Recalibrate)


Repeat. That is Basic Healing. 


“You will do this every day.”

“You will practice this all day, every day.”


The purpose of Manifestations is to NOT use “divine aid” to get what you want, it’s to train your RAS to change the Filter so you can SEE the solution. 


The RAS learns through the Law of Reflection: Mimic Mirror Repetition Response (MMRR). When you “Manifest,” you are consciously cherry picking strategic logical code to upload into your operating program for your Subconscious Mind to follow. You are cherry picking the precise behavior you want and also, what you don’t want. The mind is EXACTLY like a computer that runs on Logical Code. 100% Logical Code.


The skills you learn here are NATURALLY COMPATIBLE with how the Subconscious Mind works. Because of this, you will not be “forcing” or bullying your mind. You will be feeding it nourishment, and it will learn FAST because your Subconscious Mind is already highly proficient at everything we will be doing. Your Conscious Awareness is just “late to the party.”


You are being trained to use your Subconscious Mind as it was intended to be used.   


This combination DOES work. IN the right ORDER because it DOES use your Mind AS IT WAS INTENDED by Nature.


Your Mind will be VERY FAMILIAR with the tools here and it will adopt these skills FAST because your mind HAS PRACTICED THESE SKILLS EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Now, your Conscious Awareness is just getting up to speed.


We’re going to use your Mind’s Skills ON PURPOSE to relax it and turn the controls over to your Identity and your Conscious Awareness.


Your Emotions will come in waves. The CONCEPT can be scary, but the emotions are your Identity coming back to you. The pain does NOT come from Emotions. It comes from the RESISTANCE of the Emotions.  


Your emotions are your Identity’s Voice. Your Emotions are Identity talking to you. But she doesn’t speak any Spoken Language that you are familiar with. 


Identity speaks in Images, Pictures, and Feelings. 

The Subconscious Mind speaks in Logic and Energy and TRAINED words. 

Conscious Awareness speaks in Untrained Words. 


The only problem you have, any of us have, is a Communication barrier between the Subconscious Mind, Identity, and the Conscious Awareness. 


The Emotions are a Language that must be learned. That is what we cover next.



This document is available for viewing here.

The PDF download is coming soon.

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