Hope Threads For Suicidal Ideation
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These were the words that changed my life. 

I was in despair. I had given up. The best therapist in the world was a Social Worker… she wasn’t even mine. She was my son’s. 

I was broken. I was lost. I was hopeless. I was going through the motions because everyone told me to, but it was shit. I didn’t believe any of it. It was bull shit. 

I couldn’t see or imagine anything other than what I had seen. What I had known. 

She has asked me how I was doing. I was crying quietly and shook my head. “I don’t believe it,” I told her. “What they’re talking to me about… it’s bull shit. How can I see what I’ve never seen? How can I believe in something I’ve never seen? How can I even imagine anything different than anything I’ve ever known?”

And she leaned forward suddenly, fast and adamant. Determined and she pointed a finger in my face and she said, “ONE DAY YOU WILL hear a dog bark and it will be just a dog, and you will not trigger. ONE DAY YOU WILL hear fireworks pop and explode and you will not even hear them or jump or notice! ONE DAY YOU WILL hear a car back fire and it will just be a care! ONE DAY YOU WILL hear a child or a man scream and you won’t even move or notice!”

And as she spoke those words, I saw it.

And I wanted. I wanted it so bad… 

I wanted it more than I was scared of the pursuit of it.

I hated where I was more than the Fear of changing. And I loved that Dream of that Day more than I hated. 

And that is the secret to surviving where you are. 

You have to hate where you are more than you fear the change!

And you have to love your Dream more than you hate where you are!

And this is your first formula.

Love > Hate > Fear = Hope, Survival, Success

Operation : Beacon 

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