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In 1992, I realized, after catching my teachers in 3 lies and false information, I decided to find my own teachers and hired Plato for the job of teaching me.

By 1998, I had written an essay on 6 years of Educational Research, which would go on to be a 30 year study.

In 2024, I interviewed dozens of adults that quickly turned into hundreds on what they had wished they had learned in school. 

100% of them, regardless of gender, age, region, religion, and culture said the same thing:

School did not at all prepare them for life. And this is what they all wish they had learn. 100% of all answers were IDENTICAL. That astounded me.

  • How to make money
  • How to be happy
  • How to live for themselves
  • How to manage emotions
  • How to speak up for themselves
  • How to manage relationships
  • How to know what they want
  • How to solve problems
  • How to do their taxes
  • How to achieve dreams.

So this course is for you to fill in all the gaps that Traditional Education has missed. 

The purpose of this course is to make right what we all got right so as to end the cycle.


This course will expand and grow. We will continue to add to it.

Everything I give you here in this course is the EXACT course I started at 15 years old. The other courses are everything I learned after.

I believe, I know, that you receiving this knowledge accumulated like this at your age, you will be in a greater advantage than I ever was. Than we all were. 

This is our “I love you” to you, dearest future adult.

I attended high school, followed Plato’s Curriculum, and mastered the arts all at the same time. And it was a MASSIVE amount of fun! It did so much to teach me the joy in learning and it allowed me to learn who I was and what I could do at full potential. 

I never went to college. 

You will hear this a lot. 


It is a waste of money. 

NEVER live beyond your means. 

NEVER follow the crowd.

If you want to be rich, wealthy, happy, and successful DON’T go to college.


Find someone who succeeded and mastered what you want to achieve and make them your teacher.

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