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The Ethical Trial

To Learn how to Claim your Self-Authority for your Self beyond a Shadow of any Doubt. 

It’s Your Self-Authority vs. What anyone else Says or Does. Because whatever “Power, Authority, or Expertise” any has, it is Your Self-Authority that ultimately decides, chooses, agrees, and allows their Words into Your head.

Even the Choice to Supplant Your Authority with another’s Authority IS your Authority.

And your Choice to Supplant THEIR Authority with Your Authority IS STILL YOUR Authority.

Which means, technically, there is NO Authority in this world except… SELF-Authority. Because even a Slave Owner STILL cannot get inside your Head, if YOU CLAIM your Self-Authority.

And you do this with Pure Logic, Honesty, Truth, and Awareness. 

Authority Means “Authorship.” It means “Author” and “Authentic.” 

A Bully, long ago, changed “Expert” to “Authority” just to take Your Logic, Reality, and Understanding away from you. 

The 2nd Ethic takes it back.

The Ethical Body (Inside The Dimension) :


In the 1st Ethic, you experienced, Boredom +> Restlessness +> Curiosity +> Excitement +> Desire to Take Action…

And now, you have Vulnerability. 

The feeling of “Openness” and “Exposure” to step out of your Safe Space into the World where you are Exposed to… Anything. 

Are you ready? 

Vulnerability means “Open and Exposed.” 

And it takes GREAT COURAGE to do this. 

But you must be ready to Keep you safe. 


To do so results in severe Mental Illness such as

  • “Empath,” which is actually PTSD
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Dissociative Disorders

Being TOO Exposed changes the Adventure Zone into a War Zone, into No Man’s Land. The moment YOU start to feel SENSITIVE is the first clue you have already been out TOO LONG. 

“But I’m always sensitive.”

Because you are NOT utilizing your Comfort Zone PROPERLY with Grounding and Energizing… Most likely, your “Comfort Zone” IS A War Zone in disguise. 

When you have a Proper and Healthy Comfort Zone, your are NOT sensitive at all.

The word “Sensitive” is a Bully word used to dismiss and invalidate “Shock and Numbness” or “Desensitized Emotional nerves.”

“Everything hurts” actually is a state of “Nothing Hurts UNLESS it’s REALLY REALLY REALLY bad” due to overload. 

Because… You’re overloaded… which means… You did not properly manage your 1st Ethical Perspective. 

Be sure you are READY for the 2nd Ethic and the Adventure Zone. 

You will only be able to be here for SHORT PERIOD OF TIMES before you need to go back to the Comfort Zone. Listen to your Body and your Mind. 

At first, expect to be able to handle ONLY 30 minutes of Conversation or Socializing at a time. And expect that to DRAIN you. 

This is not because you are an “Introvert.” That is a Name calling again from bullies. 

This is not because you are an “Empath,” which is PTSD. 

It is because YOU did not GROUND or Energize yourself Fully in the 1st Ethic.

Ethical Resources

From the 2nd Ethic, you gain: 

  • Love for People
  • Love for Socializing
  • Endurance to Socializing
  • Self-Authority
  • Confidence
  • Learning how to Navigate Social Situations 

Ethical Priority

  • To Adventure into the World of Socializing
  • To Find Treasures that celebrate and Define YOU
  • Sampling Life to see what YOU like


  • The Head of the Household
  • Your Partner
  • God 
  • Your Tribe or Clan Leader

These Authorities ARE the Challenge. These Authorities ARE the lesson for you to learn. You have to OVERTHROW them in your Mind to CLAIM YOUR Authority for Yourself. 

Until and Unless you do THIS, you will NOT Grow on to the 3rd Ethical Trial.


  • Fitting In
  • Loyalty
  • Obedience
  • People Pleasing
  • Approval
  • Serving Others
  • Making People Happy

All of which are emotional “lures” that keep you trapped in the 2nd Ethical Perspective… Longer and you risk not growing. 

People who love you will Encouraging you to NOT do these things and push you beyond these Values. Without that encouragement or comfort, you will get stuck.


Service to Others. You are first in line to help everybody.


Service to Others. You are first in line to help everybody regardless of the damage it does to you.

They Indulge In…

  • Service
  • Obedience
  • People Pleasing
  • Working
  • Saying Yes

Everyone is in charge of you… except you.

They Avoid

  • Prioritizing The Self
  • Thinking ONLY about the Self
  • Doing what THEY want
  • Listening to their own Needs 
  • The Comfort Zone
  • Rest
  • Self-Nourishment
  • Making other people upset

Common Pitfalls :

Too much focus on thinking about others. “But what about them…” is always the FIRST thought to every solution. And that IS the problem. Not even in your thoughts do you put yourself first.


And that is the problem.

Very obedient slaves.

Skill Building

Ethics are Skills : The Goal is to get you to the Master Skill Level of Each of these Ethics.

  • Selfishness Skill
  • Self Indulgence Skill
  • Focus on Indulging on YOUR ADVENTURE

Symptoms if The 2nd Ethic is not completed:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • “Empathy” PTSD
  • Desensitized Emotions often mistaken as “Too Sensitive”
  • Inability to “Close” and stop being Vulnerable
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Codependency/Narcissism (Consumption)
  • Homelessness
  • Self-Loathing
  • Lack of Trust in the Self
  • Failure to Launch
  • Suicide

Common causes of Obstruction: 

  • Husbands
  • Religion
  • Teachers
  • Authority Figures
  • Friends who “always need saving”
  • Needy Mothers
  • Narcissistic Invalids
  • Neglectful Parents
  • Others always asking for “Help”


You are a slave. 

Your “friends” or “loved ones” who need help… are really your Slave Owners and you are VERY obedient. 

You are going to have to get really honest with yourself. 

How free are you?

Say, “No” and try to leave. 

Can you?

That is how “Free” you are not.

  1. Get Real with yourself
  2. Compose Rules and Laws (See the 4th Ethic and Circle of Trust)
  3. Take The Narcissist Cure Course
  4. Plan to get out.
  5. Realize that “Stockholm Syndrome” IS NOT “being in love with your Slave Owner. IT IS FEARING the Consequences if YOU DON’T. It is SELF-PRESERVATION.
  6. Go through Triadic Healing.
  7. Turn YOU into the Damsel who needs Saving
  8. ABANDON RESENTMENT toward others who fail you. RESOLVE YOUR RESENTMENT or you WON’T get out and escape. And certainly never in peace. 

Side Note: 

“Authority” assumed, claimed, or taken by ANY one that does not Empower or Nourish you IS an Abuser in Disguise. 

Furthermore, positions of Authority ATTRACT Abusers. Today, the majority of “Authorities” are abusers. 

  • Teachers MUST become LEADERS
  • Educators MUST turn all Teaching and Learning over to DIY Learning
  • Education MUST become OPTIONAL for children
  • Parents MUST put their children on equal footing
  • Bosses MUST become Leaders
  • Psychologists MUST turn all Healing over to DIY Healing
  • Politicians are Clowns. They can have their Circus. It’s delightful to watch (We call this “Theater”).

Prison Wardens and Police Officers… Hold on… Stay right where you are… That requires a COMPLETELY different strategy. For now, you are exempt from this. Don’t MOVE from your position. Not yet. 

Until these actions are completed, The World will burn. There is no way around it. 

This is the real Ethical War. 

We’re fighting for our Freedom in Self-Authority. 

Children especially from Adults.


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