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How Your Mind Works…

The Mind is a Motor. A simple way to explain challenges with the 1st Ethic, your Battery is dead. You need jumper cables. 

That is it.

The “Battery” is your Dreams, Desires, Love, and Want. 

The Jumper Cables are your Education (Hence this course).

I am “The Other Car.”

But… Addiction is a broken pair of Jumper Cables that have a frayed wire resulting in no connection. 

So many people stuck in the 1st Ethic blame the Car and the Battery because the Jumper Cables don’t work. 

This is me handing you a new pair of Jumper Cables. Your Car and Battery work just fine.

This is Power Economics and Pythagorean Psychology. These are New Academic Disciplines. Knowledge that no one before has had to give to you. 

You do not have a “learning disability.” 

Your teachers were uneducated in Power Economics and Pythagorean Psychology.

Your Car and Battery work just fine.

What you need is Hope. Just one more time. Believe just one more time.



Your Dream and your Goal, your Purpose is 100% a metric of your Love, Desire, and Passion. This comes from your Love. Self-Love and Love of Life. 

Without your Dreams, Desires, and Goals, you not only will have no heading, you will also have no fuel to go forward. 

No matter what you do, without Goal, Dream, Purpose, you have no Drive. Love is the Force of Forward Momentum (Growth).

Love = Growth

Over the next few lessons, we will be walking you through the preliminary stages to get you from No Drive into the position to set up your “Dominoes” so you can start fueling your life with your Dreams. 


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