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Ask Questions. Practice Asking Questions. 

“Ask the right question.” – Douglas Adams.

And he is 100% correct.

This skill is going to come down to your Communication and Language Skills, which we cover later.

Every time you feel your RAS close, Ask a Question to open it.


Look at your Phone and say “Phone” and feel your RAS focus in with “Zoom.”

Look around the Room and say “What is in this room?” And look around the room.

This is Scanning Mode. FEEL IT AND MEMORIZE THE FEELING (Ooh! I found a used for the Memorization Skill!)

“You will Open your Mind To Receive.”

“Open To Receive” (the 2nd Ethic) is absolutely Vital to learning how to Feel an Open Mind. When you Problem Solve, you will need to have your RAS in the “Open” Position.

Are you ready for this?

When you are in a Learning Mode, and you are not Open to Receive, then you will not Open. DO NOT OPEN YOUR MIND TO RECEIVE UNLESS YOU 100% CONSENT! This is a Consensual Violation of the HIGHEST ETHICAL ORDER AND IT CAN CAUSE SEVERE TRAUMA!

Do NOT Open your Self To Receive EVER unless you are 100% CONSENTING to being Open.

And FYI, Abusers already have this information. It’s the Ethical People who don’t.

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