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Do you believe that Words Matter?

Think about this.

The most overlooked, ignored part of our Subconscious Mind is the RAS. The Reticular Articulating System.

This is the part of the Subconscious Mind that “Zooms” in and “Zooms” out. It is what is “Closed” when we are Close Minded. It is was it “Open” when we are Open Minded. And when you become Consciously Aware of the RAS and how it feels… When you become Consciously Aware of when it is “Closed” and “Focused” instead of “Open” and “Scanning,” I am telling you, this is the most powerful tool you have inside of your Mind.

And most of us are not using it properly.

The RAS is controlled, 100% by Words. More Specifically, Logic. What you Hear, Read, Think, and Say. These words, right now, in this article… At this moment, I have your RAS in your full focal point, right in the palm of my hand.

I am going to do an exercise with you now. I want to show you this.

Look up and scan the room around you for the color blue. Count 5 Blue Items.

Now tell me how many red things were in the room.

Can you?

That is your RAS. It is your Filter.

We’re going to do another exercise.

There is a pencil on the table beside you.

Now, your Mind just did one of three things:

1 – It checked for the pencil because you were beside a flat surface.

2 – You paused to Logically argue with me because there is no table beside you and you had to think about it.

3 – You were confused for much more than a hot minute while you thought about it.

That is your RAS. Words control your RAS.

They control your RAS Focus. They control your Actions. They control your Emotions, your Mindset, your Logical Comprehension, and your Mental Health.

Without your Conscious Awareness, the RAS can be blinded, manipulated, distracted, confused, opened, closed, and/or forced to obey.

The only thing standing between Your RAS and a person’s taking the Controls from you, is Your Conscious Awareness. Yet, until you read this, you most likely were not Consciously Aware of it. And how old are you? How long has your RAS been left without the protection of your Conscious Awareness?

How many people do you think know about this? How many people do you think are mindfully aware of their RAS?

We take in 140,000 pieces of data a day, and our RAS chases each and every piece of data. All data goes through a checks-and-balance process in our Cognitive Core where the Mind verifies the Logical Comprehension by comparing it against your current Logical Core. How Pure is your Logical Core? If you suffer from any Cognitive Dissonance, you have Logical Impurities. That pain you feel, Cognitive Dissonance is the feeling of Logical Fallacy.

Cognitive Dissonance is in ration to the Logical Comprehension of your Logical Core. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

If your Mind accepts the data and it logically contradicts your Logical Comprehension, you will develop Cognitive Dissonance from Out-Of-Phase Signals, and that, in most cases, become Mental Illness.

If the Information is Illogical (mismatched to your Logical Comprehension) then it rejects it. It’s supposed to. If the information is logical, then the Cognitive Core accepts it, and it is added to your Comprehension of the world, which makes up Your Perceived Reality of the World and Your Perspective.

The only way to override the Logical checks-and-balance process in our Cognitive Core is if you Value or Trust the individual giving you the data more than you trust your own Mind.

Read that again.

If you Value or Trust the individual giving you the data more than you trust your own Mind.

Insanity is just Illogic.

Now that is a powerful Control to turn over to someone, now isn’t it. Value over the Self. Value over the Mind. You don’t even know me, and yet… Did you check for the pencil. Confusion is your Subconscious Mind’s Logic fighting back. That is good, except, we are taught by Abusers that our Confusion is “our incompetence,” which breaks down our Confidence, which is precisely what lets Abusers into our minds.

Confusion is what I call “The Abuser’s Door” and this is how it is done. This is how Mind Control is done. This is how Subliminal Messaging is done.

Let’s look at another example.

If you are asking a “professional” for advice, and they tell you that “You have a Money Block” when in fact you have The Forbidden Fruit Paradox, then your RAS is going to search for solutions for a Money Block, instead of addressing the real problem: The Forbidden Fruit Paradox. (The Forbidden Fruit Paradox is often mislabeled as “Imposter Syndrome,” which contains, multiple logical Fallacies that I won’t go into here).

“Money Block” is now a Red Herring that has hi-jacked your RAS to look for something that (in this example) is not even a problem for you. Because it is not a problem, you will never find The Solution. And your Subconscious Mind and RAS will not stop looking for the Solution until you find it.


The only way to release this Catch-22?

You have to question the Authority of the “Professional.”

But are you confident enough to?

Would you?

Here’s the Catch of the Catch-22.

The Forbidden Fruit Paradox is the belief that you do not have the Authority to touch The Forbidden Fruit. Thus, as you approach the Forbidden Fruit (Your Self-Authority), then you will instead battle with yourself over your own Self-Worth.

And if a “Professional” has sent you on a wild-goose chase for a problem without your solution, and if you have The Forbidden Fruit Paradox, then you will never end your Catch-22 until you overcome The Forbidden Fruit Paradox and question, then invalidate that “professional” Authority.

And this is the Logical Fallacy of Authority.

Authority, by definition, is the surrendering of your own Autonomy and thus, becomes the martyred Self.

And this is just a Money Block. Now imagine if that “Professional” was a Narcissist, a Parent, a Cult leader…

Controlling and protecting your RAS begins with your Education on the RAS, how it works, and how YOU need to take responsibility and control over your own Mind. And to do that, you need to address your Self-Confidence, which comes from your Self-Authority, which comes from your Power of Choice.

You have to practice making Choices.

The Subconscious Mind Discipline begins with your RAS and you never sacrificing your own Authority or Autonomy for anyone. Especially, some person on the internet who you don’t even know who can make you look at a pencil on the table just from an article.

Do you believe now that Words Matter?

Process this. Let it sink in. And then, when you’re ready, we’ll start talking about the Skill that allows you to Control Your RAS. It’s called Asking Questions and Curiosity.

That’s right. Asking Questions and Curiosity is the best and healthiest, and safest way to Control your RAS. Perhaps…? Open your mind and look around you? Question all “Authority” and assess your Skill to Assess the Validity of Someone’s Authority. How would you even begin to do that?

What is Authority? What does it look like? Where does it come from? Why do we have it? Do we need it? What does it do? Why do we choose to give it to one person over another?

I asked you those questions on purpose, to open up your RAS. Pause. Think. Wonder.

If you’re nervous or scared, think about this: 5 minutes ago, you most likely didn’t even know you had a RAS. Be careful what you let into your Perspective. Use Discernment to protect Your Mind.

Subconscious Mind Discipline begins here.

The Truth Formula 

[[Your Feelings – Emotions] + Your Intuition + What the Situation Looks Like] + Logic = Truth

Before you begin, PURGE ALL WORDS. Define what words you do use for your Logic. Words Matter. Define the Words using Etymology. When and Why the Words was invented reveals my Truth about the Word than the Dictionary.

Words are consequences to our Logic.

Words that precede Logic are Lies. Be very aware of any Names or Words given to you prior to using The Truth Formula. 

It is best if you do this Formula in private.    

Partnered with the Narcissist Formula, and the Truth Formula is VERY Powerful. 

Skills To Practice :

  • Discernment

  • Curiosity

  • Conscious Awareness

  • Logic

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