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Your RAS.

(Reticular Articulating System in your Subconscious Mind)

Yesterday in The Healing Garden, we talked about Your RAS and how everything you hear, read, see, and think can hi-jack your RAS and thus, your Subconscious Mind, and make you do… pretty much anything.

Now, we’re going to teach you how to Close your RAS and protect it, right now, so that no one can Hi-Jack your mind again.

Today, we are going to put you in charge of your Mind.

If you have not done so, read this Lesson from yesterday as this is very much Part #2 from that Lesson.


Open your Mind. Look around the Room.

Now Think of New York. Think of Paris. Think of Tokyo. Think of Australia. Think of California. Think about where each one of them are doing right now, each in their different time Zones.

Stop right. And Practice THINKING. (Yes. Thinking is a Life Skill… and if you don’t use it, you lose it).

New York. Paris. Tokyo. Australia. California. New York.

Think back to your Room.

Think. Take 30 seconds now.

Don’t just read these words. Use them as a guide to Pause. Slow Down. And Think. This is NOT Passive Learning. There is NO SUCH THING as Passive Learning (and Logically prove that later).

The word “THINK” means to Consciously Pause and Apply the “Slow Down and Contemplate, Ponder, Wonder, Mentally Explore, and Dissect” Skill. I call this “Digging.”


Look around the Room.

Think of someone you know who is furthest away from you.

Think of someone who is closest to you.

Now think of you.

Just you.

Think of your favorite Movie or Book character. Think of your favorite part with them. Think of why you care about them.

Think now of how you are different from that Movie/Book character. Can you?

Think of you. Alone. In just your mind.

Now, listen to your Subconscious Mind. The voices in your mind.

Are they you? Or are they someone else?

Do you know how to tell?

What Tense are they speaking in?

Are they speaking in 3rd Person Point of View?


Or are they speaking in “I…”

Why would you ever be speaking to yourself in “You?”

Or are you speaking in “I?”

If they are saying “You,” then they are mirroring another “You.” A They.

If they are saying, “I,” then they are “I.”

What you are experiencing is what I call “Identity Displacement.”

It’s confusing the Self with The Self of Others.

When we hear “I” and “You” our RAS immediately “Jumps Story.”

“I” means “I” and so we jump into the “I” of their Story.

“You” means “the Projected Self.” And so we think, “That isn’t me!” And that is the Logic of The Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind has its own Logical Laws and they are not the same Laws that are followed by Society.

We will start with this:

“You” Means “To whom it may apply.” or “To whom it may relate to.”

“I” Means “My Own Self and In My Story” and “What The Self Relates to.”

“They” Means “Everybody else who this does not relate to.”

Our Pronouns is the Problem. Our Pronouns mean something VERY different to our Subconscious Minds.

Pronouns Assign Relativity to our Stories.

Read that again.

Our Language is the Problem. Our Subconscious Minds follow a different Language and a Different Logic. Now you can not learn it, and you can follow Society, but our Subconscious Minds will break and be Mentally Ill, but they will not conform. They will not change. They are hard wired to Mother Nature.

And Mother Nature runs on an Equilibrium that is dependent upon Logic, Math, and Physics to remain sustained. And Mother Nature will not break.

So when you use Language, Logic, Words, and Pronouns that Contradict the Logical Comprehension of your Subconscious Mind, you will get Cognitive Dissonance and Mental Illness long before your Subconscious Mind will conform.

So now your Conscious Awareness is caught between a rock and a hard place: Follow the Logic and Language and Ways of Society, or Follow the Logic, the Language, and the Ethics of your Subconscious Mind. Otherwise, your Conscious Awareness suffers. And it is only your Conscious Awareness that suffers. No one else.

Come with me.

We are going to step up to the vast world… Let’s head to the Space Stations and look down for a moment.

1 – We all have One Personality.

2 – Emotions are Illogical

3 – Words Don’t Matter.

4 – We all have One Reality.

5 – Ethics are Opinions.

These five Beliefs are Societal Laws that were put in place… by god-knows who. But they are there. Societal Truths.

And they are all incorrect.

A Personality is not a Consciousness. We all have Multiple Personalities. We all have different Parts of The Self. We love our Variety. My god do we.

Emotions are HIGHLY Logical. They are set to follow an algorithm (which I have) to reflect the precise ratio of an exact Violation that is used as a Metric of Good For You and Bad For You.

Words. Matter. Because when you remove the words “For You” or “For Me” from things like, “This is bad… For me.” or “That’s Great! “For You” … The meaning changes. Completely. And thus, the Logical Mind, changes. And thus, your RAS changes.


I am an Ontologist. Only Ontologists can talk on Reality wisely. Reality means “What is Important” and “What is Matter” and “What does Matter.”

Actuality is what people SHOULD be saying… Words. Matter.

What is ACTUAL refers to The Material Plane.

But if the “Not Actual” doesn’t Exist, then stop using the Money and Time that you’ve taken from the Abstract.

The Abstract is REAL. And all things within the Abstract are REAL. What they are is Misunderstood. But they are VERY REAL.

The 12 Ethics are The Natural Law of Mother Nature. And they are what we all Logically and Subconscious Measure our “Good” vs. “Bad” -O-Meter against.

And if you don’t know the 12 Ethics, then you’re guessing at Good and Bad.

And so some of us sit. Too afraid to live.

Some of us try… and we’re assholes.

Some of us try… and we cling to “The Perceived Good” terrified to be “Bad.”

Some of us try… and we’ve figured it out… after we were assholes.

And then, some of us, are really sick fucks.

The Ethics are so powerful and are so ingrained into us, that they determine our Values, Priorities, Lives, our Language even.

Stephen Covey said it in 7 Habits For Highly Effective People.

“Your Ethics need to be the Foundation of your Life, Prosperity, and Happiness.” (I am paraphrasing).

He was wrong. He should have said,

“Your Ethics ARE the Foundation of your Life, Prosperity, and Happiness whether you know about them or not.”

And no one knows about them. Not these ones. They were lost to us in the 4th Century and, 100 Years Later the Dark Ages began.

These 12 Ethics are so powerful that when we lost them, we went from a Flourishing and Advancing Societal Culture to The Dark Ages. In so many ways, we are still in the Dark Ages, and that should scare the hell out of you.

Stephen Covey’s book is a walkthrough on the first 8 Ethics. But that book is a fraction of what the 12 Ethics can do and how to use them.

Every thing in this world that talks on the 12 Ethics makes money, is prosperous, becomes infamous, lasts forever, and changes societal Law. Every. Time. when things don’t last, it is because they are lacking these 12 Ethical Lessons.

It is quite literally like Mother Nature is saying, “If you do not invent, create, or teach to nurture the 12 Ethics in others, your work will not last the test of time.”

What is important to know in this world? This is today’s assignment. What is important to Know in this world?

What is the most important thing in this world?

If you wish for a different Point of View, I recommend The Wise Teacher Lesson in my Cultivator’s Course.

Your RAS either “Sees” The World and the Ultimate Picture, it Sees a Fraction, and it is Blind Entirely.

Your RAS either has you contained inside a Single Point, blinding you to all other Views.

It has your Seeing only what your RAS has been programmed to see.

Or your RAS can See The Ultimate Picture.

Do you have the Disciplined Life Skill to Assess the Visibility of your RAS? If not, then how do you know which Perspective and Visibility is yours?

Now… Let’s look down from our Space Station and zoom in on all the People in all the World… Each one of us is living within our Own Life Stream. But too many of us have been taken out of our Life Stream from a Hi-Jacked RAS.

Many of us are living inside someone else’s Life Stream.

Others are inside their Life Stream, but they’re not moving forward. They lack Momentum.

Others are trucking along within their Life Stream.

Progression through the Life Stream IS the 12 Ethics.

Some people are stuck at the 1st Ethic (Failure To Launch). Some people are stuck at the 3rd (Lord of The Flies). Some… MOST of us, are stuck at the 4th Ethic. Some (Business Owners and CEO’s and Entrepreneurs) are stuck at the 5th Ethic (Wolfs of Wall Street). Some, a growing number, are now at the 6th Ethical Perspective.

And each Ethical Perspective has their very own set of Ethical Law and Personal Order.

And there are 12 Ethical Perspectives.

There are 12 “Ethical Personality Types” and, once you know the 12 Ethics, that data becomes HIGHLY predictable. Dr. Grave’s Spiral Dynamics barely scratches the surface of The 12 Ethics. Barely. His work is just the tip of this iceberg.

Your RAS Opens and Closes at your Say So. At your Choosing the Right Word, to Command the Logical Comprehension of your Subconscious Mind, At your Self-Authority, as soon as you de-throne all other Authority over you.

You are Your Own Authority. You have to decide if and when someone else should or does have Authority.

You need to know the difference between Authority and Expert and Hierarchical Power. You need to know the 12 Ethics because the 12 Ethics are the Command Center of your Subconscious Mind.

To Close your RAS so that you are Objective instead of Subjective to all the “I’s” and “You’s” and “They’s” that you hear, you have to first Claim your Self-Authority (2nd Ethic), and to do that, you need Courage and Self-Autonomy (1st Ethic).

You need to know about Autonomy.

In today’s Lesson, we will be covering the Practical Practiced of IRL Application.

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Welcome to The Healing Garden’s Classroom! LIVE on LinkedIn so YOU can Learn ON THE JOB, IN REAL LIFE!

I call this Practical Practice for Real Life Application Learning (Because THIS is how we Learn).

Today, Students of The Healing Garden are learning how to CLOSE Their RAS in their Subconscious Mind so they no longer can be hurt by Abusers. So they can Control WHERE their Focus and Attention Go. So they can PROTECT Their Cognitive Core and their Logical Comprehension.

Coming Up!

“Integrated Nutritional Knowledge + Logical Deduction = Mastered Genius” Ready to Learn just what The Human Consciousness can REALLY do? 😉

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