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Welcome to Anna’s Classroom. The User’s Manual Of The Subconscious Mind + The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self + Mother Nature’s Business Model In other words… “Everything you should have learned about life and didn’t.”

Intuition and Logic can clash.

This is a problem.

Especially if your Emotions run your Mental Environment.

Let’s talk about your Mental Environment.

A Mental Environment is the Summation of your Mental Components that make up your Cognitive Core.

Your Defined Self (Your Story Health), Your Logical Health (Your Ethics and Your Logical Core), and your Language and Name that all make up your Mindset and Perspective.

Your ability to Regulate your Emotional Energy into Kinetic Energy is vital in this process. Neglect and/or resist your Emotional Energy, and your Mental Environment suffers.

Now, let’s step into your Intuition.

Reading your Intuition requires the Discipline of getting your Emotional Bias out of your way.

Emotional Bias.

Emotions are highly logical.

Their Regulation require daily maintenance.

And when left unchecked, they create Emotional Bias due to misplaced, misdirected, and misunderstood Comprehension.

This alters your Understanding of any given situation.

It is a Disciplined Skill to separate your Logical Comprehension from the Emotional Mental Environment and tune in to your Intuition.

Can you do it?

These are what I call “Practical Life Skills For Easy Living.”

I do a lot of work in Skill Building For Mental Diversification. Mental Diversification is a Mastered Discipline that, the more you practice it, the more you can use Logic and Problem Solving with Chain Reaction Science to navigate and steer your life, cure your own Mental Illnesses, couple it with your Subconscious Mind health, and Nurture The Self.

It is the Lost Science of Comprehension.

In today’s video, I elaborate.

Your Assignment:

Start thinking about your Life Stream. What is the Theme of your Life Stream?

  1. Conscious Awareness (The Theory via Anna’s Videos and Writings)

  2. Mental Diversification (Practical Practiced Skills in Real Life Application)

  3. Exploratory Dialogues (Discussion : Anna’s Weekly Workshops)

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