Hope Threads For Suicidal Ideation
About Lesson

This is something I had to learn fast. 

The secret to enduring long-term torture and suffering is Protecting your Authority and Mind.

It is preserving your Autonomy.

It is learning how to team up and partner with your Subconscious Mind, and standing by your mind, no matter what. 

It is finding a goal or a mission. Any goal. Any mission, and focusing on it during the torture. 

It is turning all of your dedication into that goal. To escape. To get out. To live free. 

Be Realistic About your Situation, and hold onto hope that it will end one day. You may not know when. You don’t know when. But one day, it will. 

Our mission is to get you to that point. 

This chapter teaches you all the tools to help you endure it. Your Mission. We are giving you a Mission. And then we are focusing you on that mission and getting you through it.

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