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Now Loneliness…

I no longer have this. Not since… I Integrated. It was the Multiples. I craved myself. 


I have never felt this emotion. I have no idea what it feels like. I’ve never been humiliated. I have no idea… Degradation… 

I have absolutely no understanding of this emotion. Based on what my subs have told me, it is related to embarrassment. 

I have an Empty Data in my Mind for this one.

My daughter says it is the feeling like you value their opinion of you… No… I have NEVER felt this in my life. I DON’T GIVE a shit what people think of me. 

Never have. Interesting… Not once. I felt ANGER… Just anger. I knew they were wrong and Unethical thus, I did not value their opinion of me.

I cannot advise you on this one. I am sorry. 



I am Theater and Stage, Nudist, and Exhibitionist… I have NO… I wonder if this was a defense I… Just nothing… 




A feeling like your Community doesn’t accept you!! 

She says… This is fascinating! I just have NONE of this. I have never had Community. I… am a Citizen of One. I always have… LONELINESS… That is MY emotion… Oh… That would be why…

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