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The Great Societal Shift : Welcome To The Age of Authenticity
#1 The Learning Journey Of The Discovered Self
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I had a revelation yesterday that I cannot ignore or shake.

The “feeling” I have had for 3 years that “feels” like “Possession,” was, in fact, A Projection of Trust, that I mirrored and reflected from my Partner.

In 2021, My Partner did something that displayed distrust toward me. The concept of him not trusting me was, in my mind, so egregious, that my Subconscious Mind formed a Mental Block, transferred my attention to his Action and not the Ethic behind the Action, and then I mirrored his distrust for me back onto him.

This was a violation of my own Ethic. Trust.

It took me 3 years to reassure my Subconscious Mind enough to finally “release” the information to me so I could identify the True problem.

He had violated the 12 Ethics within our relationship and thus, I mirrored the violation back to him.

When I spoke to professionals and friends about the issue, the focus was always on “Narcissism,” Possession, and Codependency. All blinding me to the real problem. (I talk a lot of the Red Herring of the RAS, which forces irrelevant focus on of the RAS due to a misplaced word).

I had to dive deeper.

It felt more like the “Why do I have to trust you when you don’t trust me?” But I couldn’t even address this. It was too high a violation of the Ethics. To preserve his Ethical Integrity in my mind, My Subconscious Mind Mimic-Mirror-Repetition Responsed the Offense back to him.

But why would this cause “Distrust” Pain?

More importantly, since I discovered it, I felt the Logical Fallacy end and correct itself. I felt the pain instantly release. I felt the “obsession” and “Possession” … Distrust instantly end.

I want to ask you, If you don’t trust your Partner, are you sure it is actually they who do not trust you?

I want to ask, perhaps “Possession” is just the feeling of Not being Trusted.

I can’t stop examining our Internal Mirrors and Optic Physics.

It was as if the “Golden Rule” was triggered in me, and I, Ethically, was being forced to uphold the Golden Rule, which violated my own Ethic: The 3rd Ethic.

That is exactly what it really felt like.

When we are abused, the Golden Rule forces us to Violate our own Ethics.

Is this the Core of Narcissism?

Once I realized what it was, I used the 12 Ethics to reverse engineer the pain through the Forgiveness Process, and at the 2nd Ethic, I felt the “release” and the Catch-22 that had held me imprisoned in pain for 3 years, ended instantly. The pain was, in fact, the forced violation of my own violation of my ethic.

Then, I had the question, “Can I love him? Can I stay with him? How do I handle this?”

It took me 48 hours to find the answer.

Love Conquers all. I believe in the love that us unconditional. I had to honor my Ethics of Love. And so I did.

I felt a new emotion, Freedom with Love is the only way I can explain it. A Love that is so Free, like… I chose it. I was out. For 48 hours, I was out. I was Free. I could have walked away, but…

I did not want to.

I had the feeling, “But if you go back to him, you’ll step back into that catch-22 prison.”

No. I don’t think so.

I reached out to him. Told him, “No. I know who you are even though you may not. I’m with you no matter what.”

And this time, I chose it.

And now everything feels different.

Everything feels different.

And now I’m wondering, What if I do it again? What if all relationship problems are these?

It feels like he and I are on opposite sides of the mirror. He is on one side and I on the other. We have been together for so long that we don’t remember who is the reflection or the original anymore.

It doesn’t matter.

I have the 12 Ethics. He has the 12 Ethics. And together, we have the 12 Ethics. We both must live and uphold them at all times because now, we both mirror them.

And everything is different.

I feel free. I feel like, somehow, he and I, we made it through. I feel like, this whole time, it was a test.


When “The Golden Rule” Forces you to Violate Your 12 Ethics = Narcissism

Lack of Control? or “Opposite of Disgust”

The Golden Rule is A Constant and is a Law of Physics. It is present in every religion, every myth, every culture. A number of any variations of it.

The Golden Rule is The 3rd Law of Newton +> The Law of Averages = Reciprocity.


Forced Ethical Violation.

This is the Core of Narcissism. It is the Opposite of Disgust. And The offender? The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is the Mimic-Mirror-Repetition Response.

“They made me violate this Ethic.” … But Now that I am aware of it, I can take back my control.

The Ethics are not optional. Nature gives them all to us in order, according to our Growth.

But if you do not know the Ethics, you are not going to be able to Reverse Engineer which Ethics was Violated.

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