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Do you know about The 12 Ethics? You should.

The 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution are The Human Code of all Human Nature Behavior, Happiness, Success, Abuse, and Mental Illness.

They are not Optional. They are Mother Nature’s and were taught regularly in the Ancient Greek Educational System.

They have been missing from our Society for 1,600 years and finally, at long last, they are back.



What if I told you that all of Human Psychology can be condensed into 12 steps?

What if I told you that Psychology is just Logic and Physics?

What if I told you that Humans who don’t understand something tend to over complicate it, which is why Newton and Einstein both said:

“In Simplicity there is truth.”

Let’s start with this:

The Forgiveness Process is a Process that is just you following the 12 Ethics in order and reverse (It is literally YOU deconstructing Trauma):

12 – Do not judge those who abused you. You are not in their shoes. This is not for them. This is for YOU.

11 – Their life led them to this exact moment which is logical. They are behaving Logically and according to their 11th Ethic. This is not for them. This is for YOU.

10 – Emotional Fluidity. Your Emotions are always right. Let them flow. Anger is GOOD and has 3 stages. Stage #3 is CHANGE. Directing your Anger into POSITIVE CHANGE. The 4th Ethic IS THAT CHANGE…

9 – Try to understand their position. You don’t have to like your abuser. But YOU understanding THEIR position helps YOU to understand YOUR position. Everything is Relative. Law of Relativity (Logic and Descartes)

8 – Name your pain. Give it voice so you know what your pain is. NAME the PAIN so you can IDENTIFY the Abuse. 2nd, 4th, and 6th Ethics. That is your pain. Naming Something Sees Its Truth so you KNOW and can orient yourself.

7 – Listen to your body. Listen to your Self. Listen to your needs. Listen to your emotions. Listen to your Intuition.

6 – Your Equal Footing is what they violated from you. They abused you from the Advantage Point they had over you, which led to a NON-CONSENSUAL HUMAN CONNECTION. It is Energy Rape. It’s an Ugly Word and it is the Truth.

5 – You were accountable for getting into the situation you were in. This is a brutal truth, but you will not heal without this accountability because WHEN you are accountable…

4 – …You can choose to do better and you can RECLAIM YOUR CONTROL. You can CHOOSE better Self-Laws for yourself, which gives you back YOUR Control. Which is that they DID violate. Your Self-Control. What should you have done differently? Learn the Discernment Skill. Think about how you need Self-Rules using Discernment.

3 – Self-Regulate. Take care of your Needs. Take care of your Wants. Take this time to self-care you. Self Love. Be kind to you.

2 – Self-Authority must be taken to secure and reclaim your Power of Choice and YOUR ability to CHOOSE, which is the other Ethic that they violated in you. Your Self-Authority. Reclaim your FREEDOM.

1 – And now, Self-Safety. Show yourself that you can control your SAFETY.

1 – Until you find your Courage (The 1st Ethic) again…

2 – To try again and open yourself up again to be Vulnerable again.

2 – So you can get back out there and define YOU so you KNOW your AUTHORITY

3 – So you can learn again how to Self-Regulate

4 – So you can test your Self-Control and your Boundaries

5 – So you can learn accountability!

6 – And find your Equal Footing

7 – So you can receive others through listening

8 – And transmit to others through talking

9 – And learn how to connect with people

10 – So you can open yourself up to Emotional Fluidity

11 – And navigate your life with Logic

12 – So you can experience NO JUDGMENT and then know Self-Love

The 12 Ethics are not optional. They come from Mother Nature and were known to the Ancient Greek Educational System. They were taught regularly by Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Christ, and Pythagoras.

Nature gives them all to us in order, according to our Human Growth and Evolution. You all have them inside of you. Each and every one of us. They are what determine if we are Good or Bad. JUST these 12 Ethics.

They cure Mental Illness, Fortify The Self, build Confidence, open your mind, connect with people, allow you to abolish fear, empower you, encourage you, overcome obstacles… Just to name a few things (There is SO much more).

The process of Learning these 12 Ethics IS your Pilgrimage, IS your Healing Journey, IS Scientific Method. In reverse, they ARE Reverse Engineering.

They are the Solution to Tesla’s 3-6-9 Theory. They are the God Code. They are the Parent of the Fibonacci Sequence.

These 12 Ethics ARE the Pursuit of Happiness, the Purpose of Life, and the Point of Comprehension.

Mental Illness comes from the Violation of these 12 Ethics (That is Mother Nature’s Karma working) + The Golden Rule.

But if you do not know the 12 Ethics, you are not going to be able to Reverse Engineer which Ethics were Violated.

Yes. They are that simple and easy. The Right Answers always are.

Welcome to Formula Living by The Healing Garden




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