The Lightworker Warrior’s Course

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Demons run when a good man goes to war,

Night will fall and drown the sun,

When a good man goes to war.

Friendship dies and true love lies,

Night will fall and the dark will rise,

When a good man goes to war.

Demons run, but count the cost;

The battle’s won, but the child is lost.

Night will fall and drown the sun,

When a good man goes to war.

-Steven Moffat

It is time all Good Men go to war.

If they can wage war for fear…

If they can wage for money…

If they can wage war for power, greed, and control…

If they can wage war for hate…

If they can wage war for pain…

Then we can wage war, Ethical War, A Pacifist’s War, for Love and Humanity.

And what better reason is there for a Good man to go to war?

We will not see the Change we desire without a War

Like one they have never seen before.

It is the stand up and Rise.

It is the stand up and Speak.

It is the Voice that says,

“I know All of Your Lies.”

It is saying, “I will not be your Secret Keeper any longer.”

Abuser? Narcissist?

We’ve been too nice.

You’ve gone too far this time.

Try Slave Owner. Try Dictator. Try Tyrant.

And the Law you have Desecrated is Truth.

It is the Meek, the Underdog, the tired, the poor,

It is the huddled masses all yearning to breathe free,

It is the wretched refuse alongside the homeless,

The tempest-tossed all of whom stand.

Together we stand.

We Fight. And we say,

“No more. Not one single breath more.”

It’s the Refusal to bow.

It’s the refusal to break.

The refusal to placate the lowest of standards.

It the refusal to pretend what we all know.

It’s the Voice saying, “I See You.”

“I See your Lies.

I See your Masks.

I See your Truth of Filth.

I See your Abuse.

I See your fake smiles.

I See the Blood on your hands.”

Its Refusal to Ignore

While we Open our Voice.

It’s the refusal to hide your Abuse.

It not trading our compliance for your quiet peace.

While the Night terrors riddle our sleep.

It’s breaking the Delusion

you built as our cage

While we turned a blind eye to your truth.

The Delusion is breaking.

The White Dragon it comes.

The Era of Bully, it ends.

Our Mission is to break Free Our Identity,

Our Mission Frees Imagination and Truth.

Our Mission is to take back the World

For Love and for Logic and Truth.

This is not The Bully’s World any longer.

They have not earned Her.

They have not nurtured Her.

What they have done is destroyed.

For Centuries we’ve kneeled,

We’ve begged and we’ve bowed

We’ve taken turns turning the cheek.

This time, we stand up.

We cry out, “No more!”

For The War For Love, For Freedom, and Truth

The War For Humanity.

The Only War worth fighting at all,

This War, it starts now.


I am asking you.

Will you fight in Love for Change with me?

Will you train under me to become a Certified Lightworker?

I am looking for 144,000 Starseeds.

We all have had Enough.

Train and Get your Lightworker Certification.

Change the World.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The 36 Levels of Consciousness
  • The Point of Comprehension
  • Mental Diversification
  • Learning and Growth for Nurturing the Mind
  • Triadic Healing
  • The 12 Ethics + The Four Core Values
  • The Logic, Science, Physics, and Math Of Mother Nature
  • The Mastery of Ethical Leadership For Nourishing The World En Masse
  • Lightworker Certification that establishes the Highest Ethical Law and Natural Order of Mother Nature
  • How To Integrate The World With Love For All Humanity
  • All Lightworkers are Knighted Upon Completion of the Certification
  • Exclusive Invitation to the Annual Alumni Reunion in New York City
  • Exclusive Invitation into the Round Table and Think Tank of The Alma Mater

Course Content

The Mission, The Agenda, The War

Societal Lies You Need To Know To Change
This Mindset is designed, Strategically to preserve the Self, Self-Authority, Self-Preservation, Autonomy, and Self-Love. But adopting these Concepts for your Selves, you already go a long way in Nurturing a Healthier, Higher Quality and Mindset of Living

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