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Societal Lies You Need To Know To Change
This Mindset is designed, Strategically to preserve the Self, Self-Authority, Self-Preservation, Autonomy, and Self-Love. But adopting these Concepts for your Selves, you already go a long way in Nurturing a Healthier, Higher Quality and Mindset of Living
The Lightworker Warrior’s Course
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Abu zar It is a societal lie that “everyone learns differently.” No they do not.

What we are witnessing is very much teachers who do know utilize the Subconscious Mind’s learning Center properly. There is a Mathematical Sequence of Learning that the Mind follows, an Order of Operations that is inside Biology, Physics, and Pythagorean Psychology, which unlocks the Mind’s proper Biological Progression.

Doing in the Field is the ONLY way everyone learns. Every time, which is why we have a society of Memorization, Repetition, and Obedience. Because those were the Skills most people developed in school. We are what we do. It’s Psychology.

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