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Societal Lies You Need To Know To Change
This Mindset is designed, Strategically to preserve the Self, Self-Authority, Self-Preservation, Autonomy, and Self-Love. But adopting these Concepts for your Selves, you already go a long way in Nurturing a Healthier, Higher Quality and Mindset of Living
The Lightworker Warrior’s Course
About Lesson

When I first heard of Lightwork, I was on Facebook. I was at once excited and found my Calling. In no time, I was sadly disappointed. The dozens of groups I had joined did not lead. They posted Memes to boost ego.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

No leadership. No direction. No guidance.

The people in those groups praised the Group Leader who blast 5, 10, 12 memes a day.

This. Is not. Lightwork.

Lightworkers WORK.

A year ago, I was listening to a Podcast and heard, “Radical Collaboration.” They talked of what we all can feel. It ignited me, but reaching out to anyone who wanted to take action was near impossible. All talk. No action.

I had had enough.

Lightworkers lead through example. They take their Mission or Calling and they put it into action. But such an action is no small feat and that requires training, leadership, guidance, and discipline.

It requires A Queen of The Darkness. A title gifted to me by three different sources.

This is Triadic Healing. The 12 Ethics are at the Core. And the more you learn about what the 12 Ethics do, where they come from, and what they are for, the more your Lightworker brain will light up like a beacon and cry out, “THIS! THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!”

Every Article I write in this Newsletter is a Lesson in my Lightworker Warrior Course.

I offer three Tiers in everything I do.

  • Tier #1 For DIY “Go-It-Alone” (100% Free)

  • Tier #2 For DIY with Group Masterclasses and/or Membership ($$)

  • Tier #3 For DIY with One-on-One Mentorship ($$$)

The Literature and Material is the same throughout. The only difference is with me, without me, or with me in a group.

The Network and Groups, the Connections are Free. Always.

New To Lightwork

If you are New to Lightwork, you may be wondering where to start.

Start with your own Healing. You cannot help others if you do not take care of you. If you are going to be a Warrior in this war, you must take care of you.

Triadic Healing is designed to get your everything you need to walk you through ever stage of your Journey From Dream to Z.

How involved you become is your choice. Only you can decide how much you want to invest daily, weekly, monthly.

Decide what Priority this takes in your life.

How much Guidance or Mentorship you want.

How fast you want to see results.

How much money you have to invest.

Learn more here.

The Healing Garden is VAST and is an entire Virtual City dedicated to Underdogs and is Home of the Lightworkers. If you desire Consultation or Guidance, DM me or Schedule a Call.

Ready To Begin

If you already are healed and you’re ready to begin, we dive deep into the Journey, Training, and Purpose of a Cultivator.

A Cultivator is what has been missing from our Culture since the 4th Century.

Cultivators are Bridges between Poverty and Wealth, between Low Class to Middle Class and Middle Class to Upper Class.

Cultivator Nourish, Empower, and Prepare People to cross from one stage of life to the next through all of life.

Cultivator’s are the Charon’s of The Living.

They all are Communicators. And Communication in this world has been grossly neglected.

You will require Writing, Theater, Stage, Linguistics, Logic, and Math. They are Masters of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Ethics (Look at the “True Empathy” Grouping) that Nourish Human Connection as Mediators, Translators, Receptors, and Transmitters, which is all Physics of Radio Waves and Transformers.

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Emotions are Energy.

Love is Force.

The Rate of Synapses produces Frequency.

Lightworkers understand this and have Mastered the Discipline of Strategically directing their Energy with Love (Force) to get a Positive and Nourishing Response.

This is Pythagorean Psychology and Power Economics.

When added to Mediation, Mentorship, Empowerment, even a Dream CEO Corporation, you can amplify the health and wealth of your Network and Business with your Patrons.

You will learn how to use The 12 Ethics, Language, and Power Economics to Nourish your Subconscious Mind, your Patrons, your Staff, and your Employees. Whatever work you choose to do, this will follow you everywhere.

The Tour : Getting To Know The Garden

The Healing Garden is where we begin. This is our Healing Respite where we provide Free Online Courses, Resources, and our Network, PANDO.

We have the Radical Global Healing Plan (This is part of it. You’re already in it).

We have The Healing Engine, which is PANDO where we “plug in” other Ethical Business who join us in the Ethical War to nurture and fuel each other. PANDO is a Societal PlugIn that gently Upgrades Society (DM me if you want details. The Business Plan is vast. We have 10+ Businesses already on board and growing fast!).

We also have Masterclasses and Workshops to nourish your growth.

In 2025, we are releasing our Franchise, which Lightworkers can buy into to launch their own Nourishment and Resource Center For Humanity. It’s “All the Education you should have gotten for Life, Love, Prosperity, Wealth, and Happiness” and didn’t.

We have The Alma Mater, which is our Philanthropy side that we use to address Global Problems including Climate, Environmental Concerns, Global Warming, Animal Abuse, Prisons and Correction Facilities, Veteran Resources, DV Rescue Homes, Homelessness… and much more.

We Upgrade Businesses from Traditional Business Models and give them an Ethical Upgrade to integrate Power Economics and Pythagorean Psychology gently into your Network and Business to amplify your Business. is where you will find all of our Research, Logic, Math, Physics, and Biology to provide you with all the background to The 12 Ethics and our techniques.

The 7 New Academic Disciplines

Upon Mastering the 12 Ethics, you unlock the Discipline to Reverse Engineer Mother Nature and you can discover New Academic Disciplines. This is the same Discipline that Euclid, Pythagoras, Aristotle, DaVinci, and Newton had.

When I learned it, I discovered:

  1. Pythagorean Psychology : The User’s Manual For the Subconscious Mind and The Prosthetic Subconscious Mind

  2. Human Circuitry and Power Economics

  3. Mother Nature’s Business Model (Business and Wealth. The Entire Formula from A to Z)

  4. The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self (Plato’s Curriculum)

  5. The 12 Ethics and The Point of Comprehension (Your Ethical IQ)

  6. Radical Disruption & Mental Diversification (Advanced and Unlocks “The God Code”)

  7. Integration Mathematics

These are what we use to Teach 100% of everything with The Garden. This is straight from The Ancient Greek Educational System. HIGHLY advanced Education MUCH further along than anything anyone has seen since the 4th Century.

In Summation

The majority of what we cover here is Cultivation and what that looks like with Triadic Healing. We cover a lot on Ethical Leadership, Language, and the Mindset.

Everything here barely scratches the surface of The Healing Garden.

Stay here until you are comfortable. Please use the 4th Ethic (Boundaries and the Discernment Skill) to use the 3rd Ethic (Self-Regulation) so you grow on only when you are ready.

The important thing is this: To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. – Charles Dubois.

Business is the True Power and Influence in this World. How you use your Lightworker training is your business. My business is Ethically getting you there. I turn Mermaids into CEO’s and CEO’s into Mermaids. If you’re ready to sacrifice what you are for what you could become then Get Your Prosperity Blossoming Journey Plan!


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