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Triadic Healing (Light)
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Your Chain Reaction Life, Your Life Stream, is just the Cartesian Coordinate System. 

[[Past (Point of Origin) Your Identity + ((Ethics]] + Your Logical Comprehension + Your Name (X-Axis) Your Present)) + Your Dream Destination (Your Future) + Your Perspective Reality

Good Parents will Preserve your Chain Reaction and Teach you how to use Logic and Physics to navigate your Chain Reaction Effectively.

Bad Parents (regardless of whether or not they are good people), will interfere with your Chain Reaction and fail to preserve and protect your Chain Reaction.

Bad Teachers will continue to interfere with your Chain Reaction and will fail to teach you how to navigate your Chain Reaction.

Bad Psychologists will gain your trust and then throw Red Herrings at you and derail you further while claiming to know what they are doing.


Your Chain Reaction requires the Following: 

Fuel from Desire and Force (Love and Desire) with a Defined Destination (Your Dreams) + A Strategy to build you the skills via Learning to help you Navigate whatever and everything may come up on your Chain Reaction from Point A (You) to Point B (Your Dream).

In order to do this, you require Triangulation. A navigation skill to know how to locate your position in life and also, to steer and navigate your Chain Reaction.

Triangulation requires your Point of Origin (Who are you?), What are doing (X-Axis) and Where you are goin (Your Dream). The Fuel is Why are you going there? Which is your Purpose.

So you need:

  • Who are You?
  • What are you Doing?
  • Where are you going?
  • Why? Purpose?

Once we have those pieces defined, we can triangulate your position and build your Chain Reaction via the Planning out of your Life Stream. 

After that, we teach you how to navigate, sail, and steer to prevent problems.

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