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Triadic Healing (Light)
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Your Life is One Giant Chain Reaction. 

You will need Logic and Physics to navigate your Chain Reaction. I call your Chain Reaction your “Life Stream.”

You will need: 

  • The 12 Ethics
  • The Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification
  • Logic 
  • Basic Physics

Societal Lies You Need To Get Rid Of: 

  1. The purpose of all learning is to train the Subconscious Mind in Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification. That. Is. It.

  2. Math is actually Shorthand for Logic. “Math” is not in everything. LOGIC is in everything. Mathematicians often skip Logic, and take the credit for what is Logic. Math is just the symbolism and shorthand used for complex Logical Proofs. Mathematicians lack so much Logic that they don’t even know that Math is translated from Logic. 

  3. Abandon all Gender Norms and Roles. They are Man-Made by Society and Contradict Natural Law. Get rid of them.
  4. Prioritize your Healing, Your Happiness, and Truth above your Ego and Fear. 
  5. Emotions are Energy and are Highly Logical and Predictable.
  6. Feelings are Force. Force and Energy are NOT the same thing. Feelings are Permanent. Energy (Emotions) come and go and are unstable. Feelings (Force) move and steer and direct Energy (Emotions)
  7. Love is the Only Force there is. And it is just “Growth.” The Desire of Forward Momentum.
  8. The Absence of Love is Fear. Fear is simply “Not Love.” Not Love (Fear) is Consumption, which is often referred to as Narcissism
  9. Words Matter. Words are Vessels that carry Energy that make up your Logical Code (Programming for your Chain Reaction) as well as Steer and Navigate your Chain Reaction via your RAS.
  10. Anna hates the phrase “Reticular Articulating System” because it illogically combines Latin with English and this is inconsistent. It should be called “Reticulate Articulating System. This is what happens when People don’t study Linguistics, which is the Foundation of Logic. You get low Quality Math, Physics, and Taxonomy.
  11. Abuse is a Delusion. This does not invalidate your pain or suffering. That is real. The Abuser did not take your Power. Physics does not work that way. Abusers paint a Delusion that halted your Chain Reaction to make you THINK you have no Power. Healing is breaking the Delusion, seeing the Truth, and getting you back to your Chain Reaction.
  12. Abusers are Confused. They project their confusion onto you to validate their own feelings of Certainty. Abusers are Cowards, Magicians, and Salesman. They use a bag of tricks to build Delusion. Once you learn their bag of tricks, their Delusion breaks.
  13. Learning is Synonymous with Thinking. They are the same thing. Healing is returning the Subconscious Mind to its own Chain Reaction and “starting up the Machine.”
  14. You are not “Healing.” You are on a Pilgrimage, which I call The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self. This is actually just you Mastering the Skills to Navigate your Chain Reaction Life. It takes 10 years max and used to be accomplished from 5 to 15 years old.
  15. We have not had an Educational System since the 4th Century. What we have today is an Informational System. As we go through Triadic Healing, you will see and experience the difference. You will understand.  
  16. Psychologists, Teachers, Educators, and Authority figures cause more harm than good due to their part in the Forbidden Fruit Paradox.
  17. Freudian Psychology is to Pythagorean Psychology, what the Humors were to Germs. 
  18. 100% of every Human Being, at the 5th Ethic, becomes a Business Owner. The objective is to get you prepared BEFORE you hit the 5th Ethical Perspective. If you are already a Business Owner and are struggling, it is because you lack the Knowledge that would have prepared you for the 5th Ethic.
  19. 100% of everything here is what Philosophy is REALLY about.

Accepting these truths is going to make Triadic Healing very easy for you to understand and process. 

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