How Physics Affects Your Business And Why You Should Care


Step into my world with me.
I will show you what I see.
Physics is the deciding factor in every single one of your Business Decisions, Choices, and Actions. Your Business succeeds and/or fails on this Information.You can be educated on this information. Or you can keep guessing at it and keep “winging” it.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Will you risk your Business Success on that?

Hard = No Physics or Logic
Easy = Physics and Logic

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How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. hashtagmentalhealthawareness hashtagtakingaction

How Physics Determines Your Business’ Success and Failures And Why Should Care

Anna Imagination

I help you upgrade your Business to Mother Nature’s Business Model. I provide you with Mental Relief via Nutritional Knowledge about Your Subconscious Mind which gives you a massive dose of Refreshing Common Sense.

In the Mother Nature Business Model, we do not “use key words to find our Audience.”

We use Physics Strategically to locate the Frequency of our People with Deliberate Intent. We use Words, Language, and Emotional Energy to slow down or speed up to match the Frequency of our Patrons.

We do not call Patrons our “Target Audience” or “Clients” because this dehumanizes them and also it causes us to lose the frequency that we need to find them. My people would never call themselves a “Target Audience.” My Patrons value and love the Humanity and Warmth in the word “Patron.” Because my people can FEEL the Physics.

My people can Feel the Warmth and beauty of Emotional Energy inside every word read and spoken. If you can feel the beauty and the warmth of a word, then you are my people.

Don’t believe this? Have you ever read anything written by AI? Does it FEEL different to you than if a Human Being had written it? This is because Art Creation is the Transference of Potential Emotional Energy into Emotional Kinetic Energy at the point of Conception.

And AI creates without Emotional Energy.

The Healing Garden matches the Energy, Words, and Intent that our Patrons value and use so we can find the right “Plane” or Frequency that they live on.

People live on Planes. Each Plane has its own Language, Frequency… This is… The wrong language…

Step into my world with me, and I will show you what I see.

Imagine that people are an OS (Operating System).

Did you know that a Subconscious Mind has 12 Operating Systems? There are 12 Operating Systems for every Subconscious Mind. But not all Subconscious Minds are on the Same Frequency.

And if you do not know that there are 12 Operating Systems, you will not know that you are speaking a different Language. It’s like Windows Vista trying to talk to Windows 7. They both speak “C” Operating Language, but they will not understand each other.

C = English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.

Operating Systems = The 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth (AKA Human Evolution). Which contains the Fibonacci Sequence.

Language reflects our Subconscious Mind’s Visible Perspective. And each Perspective has its own OS.

For example:

I am an Apple M1 OS. Some people are Tandi 2000. Some people are Windows Vista. Some people are Windows 10. Some people are Windows 11, Windows 7, Linux…

Each Operating System has its own Values, Ethics, Priorities, Emotions, and Challenges… And Languages.

The Traditional Business Model is only for Tandi 2000 People. The Tandi 2000 OS is officially obsolete for Apple M1 People and Windows 11 (The 6th Ethical Perspective Stage and anyone beyond that).

The Mother Nature Business Model utilizes this knowledge, teaches it to you, so you can adapt your Business to accommodate all 12 Operating Systems.

This is how we do it.

Each Operating System (Ethical Perspective) has its own Frequency, which is accessible through the Words (Programming Language) we use. But Words contain Focus, Intent, and Energy. Emotions and Words are birthed and created by the needs that arise with each Perspective Stage/Operating System.

So the words used for a Tandi 2000 will not work for an Apple M1 System even though their needs and problems may be the same. Hence, Communication error or “Misunderstanding.”


I’m going to change the Operating System now on you, to show you an example, and gently step you into a more advanced OS Language. Some of you may not be able to follow this because the language is more advanced. if this confuses you, that is okay. Go to “The end of the Tangent” and you can continue the Article. (6th + Ethical Perspective OS)

You need to speak the same OS language to be understood. This is why I am speaking to you in Computer Metaphor. Because my OS does not yet have an OS that is known by others. I had to invent it just to be understood. But no one has learned my OS yet.

I call it Abstractic.

So we all use Metaphor to be understood. This is what Story ACTUALLY is for. This is why we all love Story. It is the only Language that we ALL understand. because Story is 100% always Metaphorical to all except the people who match The Author’s Perspective OS. This is why no one understands 2001 : Space Odyssey or Alice In Wonderland. Because it is metaphorical for an advanced Operating System not yet invented for others to understand.

It is not Psychologically possible (yet… that we know of) to learn the OS of more Advanced Perspectives. Advanced Perspectives can match the Frequencies of Previous Systems, but I am certain that a less Advanced System cannot understand or speak an Advanced System Language.

I have to run more tests on this to find out. But all signs point to “yes.”

It is EXACTLY like a 5 year old trying to speak to a 45 year old about Business and Finance. The 45 year old has to use words that the 5 year old can understand. But the 5 year old will not completely understand the theory or concept.

This is the Integration of Advanced Physics, Linguistics, Logic, Ontology, and Pythagorean Psychology. Most people do not know this.

Back to the “Common Perspective OS” now.


(4th Ethical Perspective OS)

This is why Confusion, Domestic Violence, Frustration, misunderstanding, Cognitive Dissonance, all are happening out of control today.

Communication Error.

Everyone who runs on their own Operating System is being forced to use the Tandi 2000 System… But it’s obsolete, archaic, and outdated.

In many cases, the Tandi 2000 System violates the Logical Programming Language and the Ethical Code of the Individual. This causes Mental Illness.

This is why we have a Mental Health Crisis.

Because most people today use the Windows 11 Operating System, but Tandi 2000 People, are telling them that they have to keep using the Tandi 2000 OS.

The Mother Nature Business Model, has built a Business Model that uses a Language that is 100% compatible with all Operating Systems so that you reach EVERYONE from your Audience without the Communication Error.

I’m going to change the Operating System on you again. People who do not understand Computer Languages, will not be able to understand that Metaphor. So let’s change the Perspective OS one more time.

(2nd Ethical Perspective OS)

Imagine that two people are Radio Towers.

I am a Radio Tower on the FM Channel. You are a Radio Tower on the AM Channel.

If we try to connect, our transmission will be at 2% effective, if at all. We can try adjusting our dials, and you will hear static and interference from Out-Of-Phase Signals. This is poor Communication.

The Healing Garden uses Power Economics and Physics to “tune in” to the right Channel by upgrading the towers to WiFi so that ALL the Operating Systems can be reached.

(The 5th Ethical Perspective OS)

Human Beings are Physics.

Human Beings can FEEL Physics.

100% of everything in this Universe from black holes, to Stars, Galaxies, Planets, to ants, volcanoes, weather, soil, worms, cats, dogs, water, gas, cars runs according to the Logical and Mathematical Laws of Physics.

Human Beings believe they are Exempt from this.


Why would 100% of everything in the World run according to the Natural Laws of Physics, except Human Beings?

Why have Psychologists not bothered to look for their answers to the Subconscious Mind in Classic Physics, Metaphysics, or Quantum Physics?

The closest they ever came was Dr. Graves’ Spiral Dynamics, which is the pre-pre-preliminary core of the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

The Healing Garden did look into Physics for the Psychological answers for questions regarding the Subconscious Mind.

And, when we did, we discovered the Natural Law and Ethical Order of Power Economics and Human Circuitry, Emotional Transactions of Human Connection and The 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution. And it is 100% according to the Laws of Physics.

Human Beings Feel Physics.

Our Evolution is Physics.

Our Learning and Education is Physics.

Physics runs and governs each and every one of us according to the 12 Frequencies of the Perspective Stages.

And when you know how Force and Energy work inside of a Subconscious Mind, you know how to Connect with People in a Network. Just like the internet. Because it’s Physics.

And now… we can build a WiFi Tower to connect all the Operating Systems just like Harold Bluetooth did in the 8th Century in Norway… and just like Tesla did in the 19th Century. Because that’s Nature.

Physics. The Natural Science.


Words are vessels that contain Energy that allows a trained Individual to control the Focal Point of their relative Perspective to the Self so they can jump with ease between each and every Perspective to allow the Connection to be made.

Strategically altering each Point of View and Perspective permits the user to Double and Triple Project their own comprehension onto the Subject of their choice so they can experience through projected story the situation, which allows them to understand all facets of every point of view at the same time from every individual in the room.

And thus, integrating that knowledge and computing this data with such great speed so as to create accurate and precise calculations that allow the individual to see each and every possible outcome, and thus, they can choose how they want to steer their life for optimum success and wealth. Every time.

Chain Reaction Science with the highest Probability of outcome = High ROI and No Risk.

I can teach and train you how to do this. I have the Formula.

(Back to the 4th Ethical Perspective OS)

Back to Basics? Back to Nature? Back to Physics.

That is what The Healing Garden is. The first WiFi Tower for the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution. So now we all can start talking to each other and take that 2% Connection and increase it to 100%.

Are you ready to upgrade your Business Model for the Age of Authenticity?

PS – This 100% also applies to your Relationships, Students/Teachers, Employers/Employees, Parents/Children as well. Are you in the same Perspective Stage as your Partner? Child? Student? Staff? Patron? Is your Connection at 2%? Or 100%?

How do you think that is going to affect the quality of your communication, relationship, Network, Office Environment, and/or life happiness, satisfaction, and prosperity?

How important do you think a Wifi Tower is for different Operating Systems to communicate with each other?

Pause. Think. Learn.

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I help you upgrade your Business to Mother Nature’s Business Model. I provide you with Mental Relief via Nutritional Knowledge about Your Subconscious Mind which gives you a massive dose of Refreshing Common Sense.

Pause. Think. Learn.



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