Human Propagation (Vitalogy) Definitions

Sciences and Definitions that we have been missing from our Culture and society since the 4th Century. Can you relate or identify with any of these?

Human Propagation (Vitalogy) is the Logic and Science of the Home Sapien’s Life Path of Nourishment, Learning and Growth prior to and during their connection to The Human Circuit that fuels their Life Journey for the Cultivation of Prosperity, Success, Wealth, Love, and Joy.

Power Economics is the Science and the Laws of Human Physics of Human Circuitry that is the Logic of how we interact and move with each other to Ethically obtain Knowledge, Community, and Wealth.

We do this through the cultivation of Human Connection for Networking, Relationships, Teaching, and Business for Obtaining and Maintaining Optimum Community Nourishment.

Teaching is the Science of how Information is transferred via Power Economics to another person at Plato’s Point (the Maximum Point of Quality Transmission).

Education is the Science of how an Individual integrates Skills into their Systems via the Intuition so the Mastered Self can understand the skill deeply enough to translate it succinctly and simply for others.

Parenting is the Preservation of a Creation’s (Child) Human Connection to ensure the ongoing growth and Development of their Creation (Child).

Healing is the Process of Restoring Economics to the Self to resume the Human Circuit that provides Wealth, Community, and Learning.

Power Economics affects Parents, Teachers, Healers, and Business Owners. This is the Science of Human Propagation.

Power Economics is the Ethical and Love-Based Science (Physics) that runs and governs the Subconscious Mind.

The Healing Garden provides courses on Human Propagation to Cultivators (Business Owners, Healers, teachers, and Parents) who are looking to supercharge their lifestyles, success, and wealth with these lost Sciences.

Business Owners!

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