Slowing Down This Morning… Take a Deep Breath In… And Think.

Every morning, or evening sometimes, I write a newsletter to my people.

And this morning, I wrote this one. This one… I wanted to share with you. It is my best work. And I wanted to invite you into my mind this morning and share this part of me with you.


Good morning, my dearest reader.

Step into my words with me, and I will show you what I see.

I know that sometimes, many times, I can seem all over the place.

To people who stand on the outside of my mind, they see a whirlwind. And often, I am misunderstood. I did not ever grow up thinking there was ever anything wrong with me. Sometimes, I did, but…

Did you feel that way? Did you feel like you were always the wrong person or you were the one who “didn’t work properly?” I didn’t. Not for a long time. It took decades for others to convince me that I was broken.

It took 9/11.

I move fast. And terms like “ADHD” Neurodivergent, “Autism…”

The only words I was given were Slut, Whore, and Crazy. Those were my words. My words were easy to spot as labels. “ADHD,” Neurodivergent, and “Autism…” felt and (to me) they sound very much the same way. To me… This is my experience. Maybe those words help you. And if they do, great! Keep them.

What I am trying to say is, because those were not my words, I never questioned my fast brain, or my energy. I never thought it was “weird” that I could accomplish so much in a very short period of time because no one ever told me that this was a problem. So I didn’t think it was. I loved my energy, how fast I move. How much I can juggle. It keeps me motivated, energized, excited… like an adventure!

The first time and only time anyone “remarked” about my High Speed of Processing Data and Execution, was my therapist who called me “BiPolar and Manic.” I was so pissed. This wasn’t even a problem! I was there to talk about my rapes and beatings and animal abuse. And she wanted to talk about how fast I could think and do.

My High Speed of Processing Data made me highly productive. She made me feel like a freak because she couldn’t do it. I was angry. She wasn’t focusing on any of the actual problems and pretty soon, every conversation, every session ended with her bringing every discussion back to BiPolar and me needing to “resolve the issue” by trying to manage my “BiPolar.”

They put me on meds, which caused my Hypothyroidism. A common side effect.

Five years later, they admitted that they misdiagnosed me for BiPolar. For five years, my Therapists abused me with gaslighting and drugs because she improperly diagnosed me. And the next two therapists who came in, didn’t even bother double checking their work or listening to ME. They only read HER diagnoses, and stuck with it.

The thing is… Her diagnoses didn’t even come from her.

It came from a Psychiatrist who was my Second Rapist’s doppleganger.

So every time I got to see my Psychiatrist, it was for 15 minutes, in a closed room (I had claustrophobia undiagnosed at that time), and was “locked” in a room with a man who looked JUST like my rapist. So my PTSD and Claustrophobia led him to believe I had Bipolar. He diagnosed me in my first session after only 15 minutes.

A person moves according to the Speed of Their Synapses. Neuroscience correctly teaches us that.

The Synapses are the firings of Neurons in the brain that pass a signal from Point A to Point B. The more intelligent someone, the higher the IQ, the faster the Synapses fire.

Einstein’s Synapses fired off 13% faster than everyone else’s. At 15, my IQ was higher than Einstein’s. IQ’s increase with the right kind of learning. Plato knew this and he taught me how to do it. So I did.

Processing data is identical to a Computer. Our brains are computers. It’s like… Society has a Tandi 2000 computer from 1995. And ADHD people have an Apple M1. And the people who have the Tandi 2000 Computer brains are telling all the Apple M1 brains that they are “broken” because they are moving too fast.


This is how I see the World. This is why I’m angry. The Tandi 2000 people are hurting my Apple M1 people, and my Apple M1 people are so sad and hurt. And they think they are broken because that is what they were told.

Placebo Effect and Mass Hysteria is real Medical Science.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are just like me. And you and I are different. But Tandi 2000 people cannot understand because they are too outdated, they can’t “update,” and are incompatible with the newer software, and so they are too slow.

And Tandi 2000 people are the ones “in charge” of Society and the “Educational Systems.”

If you are intelligent, and you are processing data fast, it would appear to be Manic. Which is why I cringe when I hear more diagnoses and labels like “ADHD” Neurodivergent, “Autism…” For me… I just hear more distractions from the real “problem.” I hear Tandi 2000 People language judging Apple M1 People, and making Apple M1 People feel bad for not being like Tandi 2000 People.

The Point I am trying to make is that this information was required for you to know in order for me to explain My Core Point.

The Core Point… I learned how to learn a long time ago. In 1995. Plato taught me. He taught me how to increase my IQ with a very simple and precise type of learning.

And I know how to collect data at insanely high rates because Plato taught me. So I move fast to collect the data. I do X, observe, calculate. I do Y, observe, calculate. I do Z, observe, calculate. And, because I know how to use my Perspective Scope, I know where to look for the most data with the least research and get far better and more accurate results.

Because my methods are Plato’s methods. These are the secrets hidden in Philosophy that most Philosophers miss… because Philosophers today are Tandi 2000 People.

Plato was an Apple M1 People. I am an Apple M1 People who did not allow Tandi 2000 People to teach me.

And the Tandi 2000 People around me see me fly through things, and then, they label me “unpredictable,” and “indecisive,” when in fact, I am conducting highly advanced Mathematical Calculations and Statistics and at the speed of MY Synapses. Not theirs.

But I never slow down to tell people what I’m doing. Not very many people can keep up with me. Most people are Tandi 2000 People. Do you feel like this too? Am I describing your experience to you? I know exactly how you feel.

I can always tell an Apple M1 People from a Tandi 2000 People. The Apple M1 People are those who can keep up with, understand me, and who are often medicated and told to slow down.

I see many of my peers medicated, gaslighted, and trained to slow down so they can fit back into a Tandi 2000 Society that breaks the Apple M1 People.

And I never pause to explain what my mind is doing to others.

No one ever asks.

They just call me “Unpredictable.” “Whimsical.” “Flakey.”

How many names do you think people can invent to hurt others before they stop to ask “Why?” Tandi 2000 People NEVER ASK WHY.

Instead of choosing to learn to understand, they judge and damn instead.

Why have we all stopped asking questions?

Why do we not ponder anymore?

Is it the medications we’re all on? Is it the lack of Apple M1 Education in our Culture? Is it all the trauma and abuse? Why do we choose to judge and damn Instead of choosing to learn to understand?

I only took medications for BiPolar for 3 years. A year ago, I stopped my Thyroid meds. Turns out, my body fixed itself all on its own without the meds. Their meds got in the way of my body fixing itself.

I read a post this morning that talked about “Emotional Appeal,” and I stopped and went, “WHOA! THAT’S DEEP!” It is so rare to find “DEEP” in this world. We live in a world where too many bad teachers are teaching others and being taught by bad teachers… We do not have an Educational System in our World anymore.

Apple M1 People are on their own. Which is why I stepped up. To teach you what Plato taught me. Because Plato taught Apple M1 People.

Yesterday, I read a post from an “Executive Coach and CEO” that “Problems require Energy and Problems are Good and that we need to be grateful for Problems because they “toughen us up.”

I corrected him. I told him politely that I am a Physicist. That Problems DO NOT require Energy. Physics does not work that way. That Problem Solving is a SKILL that is LOST to most in our culture and that Problem Prevention, when trained, is quite possible. Like Fire Prevention. Think about it. Think. About it.

Fires = Problem Solving

Fire Prevention = Problem Prevention

If you can be taught to prevent Fires, then you can be taught to prevent problems.

I am tired of bad, low quality, and poor information. I am tired of Tandi 2000 “Educational” Systems that have not been upgraded since 1088 CE. That is where our Educational System comes from. The Dark Ages.

Note to self : Build a Free course on assessing the quality and validity of Information.

Back to my point…

I have been trying to find the best way to write my posts and newsletters to you. I keep “changing” my experiments. I am advised to do all sorts of things by Tandi 2000 People… But really, YOU are the one who matters. Not marketers or Self-Deemed “Executive Coaches.” YOU.

What kind of Email Newsletter Do YOU want? What things do YOU look forward to in a Newsletter? What makes YOU open them? Why do you CHOOSE to give ME your time? Oh, I do so greatly appreciate it, which is why I chose to slow down this morning and stop. This is why I chose to take this morning to explain my Firing Synapses… and yours… to you.

What I wish is for my words to inspire you. No… That’s not right. NURTURE YOU. Mostly Nurture you. No one nurtures us.


Tony Robbins inspires. He’s good at. I’ll send you to him for Inspiration. But what I want is to NURTURE you.

Nurturing is the care and love you take to ensure the BEST ENVIRONMENT for a seedling’s NATURAL growth. And that… that is what I want more than anything in the world for you.

And what I really want is for Businesses to unite with me on this agenda and use their Businesses, like I use mine, to Nurture and Educate the Ethical Apple M1 People who do not fit into an archaic Tandi 2000 System.

It feels like there is no place or room for us in this world. So we have to make our own place.

I use Focus Cards.

Focus Cards are index cards with Focal Point HIGH IMPACT WORDS that I read every morning to Discipline my Perspective Scope and clean my RAS. You should be, have to, clean your RAS every day and every night or it gets “gunked up” by the Tandi 2000 People.

The RAS is the Reticular Articulating System in your Subconscious Mind that filters and focuses your Mental Visibility.

I wish to teach you how to do this. You learn how to do this, and you have MASTERED your Mind. Life stops pushing you around. Because you see life coming at you a millions miles away and it keeps you 40 steps ahead. It’s Problem Prevention.

I am one of you. I have no degrees. No licensing… I don’t value Authority. I value QUALITY. I value HUMANITY. I value ETHICS. I value HIGH IMPACT, NUTRITIONAL KNOWLEDGE. My work stands on its own feet. I chose to get no degree to keep me on equal footing with the “lowest,” most “broken” of people who were told they had to sit in the sewage… just like me. Because THAT is where you have to be if you are going to help people. Not standing over them, using a degree to condescend.

I wanted to stay relatable to you. That is something I protected and preserved all my life. To stay on equal footing with you.

Because a true Master in Education and Knowledge and Authority KNOWS THAT.

I am one of you. I was just like you in so many ways. An Apple M1 People being forced to be a Tandi 2000. And I wish I could step into your mind, for just a moment and point toward your Perspective Scope. And say, “Do you see this? Right here where my words are pointing you to look? Words move your Perspective Scope. And when you do this on purpose, STRATEGICALLY… when you KNOW where you HAVE to point your Scope to SEE to LEARN to DO… this can be DANGEROUS if you let the words of others move your Scope without your knowledge or consent.

But also, done strategically, it is the most POWERFUL skill you could have.

But you have to be taught. Plato taught this to me. I know how to teach it to others. I call it “Taking back your RAS from Abusers and Tandi 2000 People.”

You, when properly trained, have ALL the POWER and CONTROL over YOUR Mind. You suddenly can sort out The Tandi 2000 outdated software that is blocking up your Apple M1 software so you can change your Perspective Scope Settings, so you can SEE YOUR Truth, Your Story, Your TRUE problem, and YOUR solution.

And the solutions for Tandi 2000 People DO NOT WORK for Apple M1 People. The “Knowledge” and “Education” is OUTDATED for Apple M1 People.

And the number of Apple M1 People are growing. Fast. While our Society is still using a Tandi 2000 System.

Check out this article.

This is why. This right here, is why. We need Apple M1 People to be taught Apple M1 Systems and Code by Apple M1 People.

“You are not qualified to teach me,” is a statement I use at least 5 times a day to Tandi 2000 People who are too “outdated” and rude to take a “No” in their non-consensual sales pitch, when they hear one.

It is not hard to Upgrade your System to the Apple M1 People System. It is easy. TOO easy. Because you would be using the right software for you… FINALLY.

It’s like saying, “Wearing the right clothes for your size is hard! Changing your clothes from sizes too small to just right and comfortable is hard.”

That is how Tandi 2000 People think.

It isn’t hard. What you will experience is RELIEF.

You just need someone who knows this information and who knows how to teach it.

My agenda is to protect you from ever being hurt or used, scammed, or abused ever again. I want to make you so strong and wise that NO ONE can hurt you again. And I know how to do it.

And I want to do it because I love you.

Love = To Value without Profit or Gain for the Nourishment of Humanity. To care about someone so much as to include that someone in your own Self-Preservation because we are symbiotic.

Because I can see how you affect me, how I affect you, and how we are connected and the same. And I hate it when abusers hurt my people. Because it isn’t for anything. There is no reason for the Pain or the Abuse. You suffer for NO REASON or PURPOSE.

You suffer… JUST because. There is no great reason for it. It is 100% preventable and unnecessary. If only Abusers had been educated… it all could have been prevented.

But Tandi 2000 People are so outdated in software, that they don’t even KNOW this to teach you anything different.

So bad teachers tell you “Life is filled with problems!”

No, it is not. Not for people with Problem Solving skills and Problem Prevention. For a Tandi 2000 People, who lack the EDUCATION of Life, the Mind or Problem Solving, I can understand why they think that way…

But then they have NO BUSINESS telling YOU anything. So… we all have to choose who our teachers are or are not going to be.

Are you a Tandi 2000 People? How fast do you operate?

Are you an Apple M1 People? Who should be teaching you? Who is qualified to teach you?

So I fight back by nurturing you and by offering to teach you precisely what you need to know. To learn, grow, nourish, prosper as an Apple M1 People… And it just takes one little seed.

This is the part where Tandi 2000 People have told me that “You have to tell them what to do with a Call To Action!” … as if an Apple M1 Person has to be told what to do like a Tandi 2000 People.

The thing is…. Apple M1 People, whispers can think for themselves.

May the kindest of words always find you.


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