The Freedom to Dream

I can’t do it anymore… I can’t talk in “Roman Reality” anymore. I have to speak in my reality now.

It’s just a mindset war afterall… And mine is free.

I have loved an Imp King for a thousand lifetimes. In every story, in every way, in every time, in every dimension. He and I have lived out every love story ever written. And we will again.

And pretending I don’t see this, know it, remember it, denies my truth. And that, I cannot do any longer. I cannot deny my truth to make you more comfortable while I die inside.

My reality, my logic, my perspective is not for you. It is for me to Understand the world so that I can have a place in it.

And that is exactly what they took from you. Your reality. Your Logic. Your Perspective. It belongs to them now. That is the true prison with which you are slave to. The Freedom to Dream.

About the Author: Anna Imagination