The Never Ending Story

I’ve never seen this film.

I tried once, years ago… All I remember is the scary dog, the father reading the book, a swimming pool.


I am watching it now.

My Logic said so.

I see “Wolfgang Peterson.” I know that name so I google it… Das Boot.

My eyes go wide and I feel sick.

Das Boot is one of  my favorite films and he wrote Das Boot JUST BEFORE He wrote Never Ending Story.

On this, I must pay attention.


I’ve never looked for the clues on purpose before. This is new…

Courage. The First Ethic.

Never Stop Day Dreaming. They help you solve your Problems. – Anna Imagination

That’s what I want to say… “To everyone in art, fashion, and style, I want to say from me to you, on behalf of the 80’s, I’m sorry.” I am so sorry… We needed to Indulge on everything we were forced to Avoid.


And then… we all had to suffer… Together.

I think that, was the beginning of the end.


The Child, Sebastian, found The Story Code! And so did…


“Something Special.”

That is the name of my story…

Letters to my Imp King

I got it… I got it… How about this…

Everyone these days is going around saying, “The Matrix is real!” THE MATRIX IS REAL!”

No… I want to tell the word, “The Never Ending Story is real… And “That special book” That is in the beginning, THE Never Ending Story… I found it. I wrote it. And it’s real.” We’re in it.

There is no such thing as Fiction. Fiction is real.

We are snakes. We are both snakes… Adam could talk to the Animals. He named them! I was a snake! And so were you! That’s why we were talking. And Adam… There were two healers. There always has to be.


I was terrified of the puppets. I couldn’t watch this… Until now. I had to conquer my fear first.
We all have to learn the 12 ethics. If we don’t… what do you think the consequences will be? What do you think would happen to us if we don’t?

We become afraid. We become illogical. We mentally go insane. We stop growing. We stop aging. We stop living. We live a slow death, blind, diseased, hateful… until one day… we’re just dead inside. But we’re Energy and we don’t die or create. We transfer or store… That is our only choice. Transfer or Store.

What’ll it be? Transfer or Store… But we can only store for so long before… We explode… We stop growing. We stop growing so much that we… become nothing… and then we explode into love because… Love is the only thing that can come from nothing.

From the Goddess


Movie continues…

They are all different Perspectives. The Rock Biter is 12. The others are different Perspectives.

The ratty man is 3rd Perspective. The Suit man is 5th Perspective.

The “Nothing” got bigger… When Energy is composed of pure Hate and Fear it shrinks into nothing…

Fantasia is the Abstract.

The Greed Cocktail is the Nothing.


The Ivory Tower… A Lighthouse comes to mind…

I think this is what I’ll do from now on… I’ll watch a Story and blog my “review.”

I’ll be a movie reviewer… showing you how I See Story and Books.


Triangle on top! YUP! He saw The Philosopher’s Compass too… — the SHIP!!!

Wait… no… that was not a ship mast.

**GASP** This is inside my head!!


“The Nothing is destroying our world.”

I had the Nothing.

A Trayou…

The Story Code makes the stories real… The Story Code is magic that makes the Stories real. The Story Code is magic.

Said the Bard.

Whoever learns the story code gains the power to see the Never Ending Story we are all living.

You must go alone.

You must live everything behind.

There is a chance of success. Yes.

Yes. If you fail… but we won’t, because we all have succeeded before… And that’s how we all know that we all have already done it. Five times before.

The two headed snake… Narcissus… And Pygmalion…

Once upon a time… One was alone… She wandered the halls… for centuries… until, one day, she made a wish… the first single wish… “I wish I was not alone.”

And then she wasn’t…

While running one day, she ran past… A mirror… and the reflection paused. And it stopped. And it looked at her… And she saw so much and for so long, that all time stood still… She stared and loved the other for so long that, as the image changed, she forgot who she once was…


Self-Control. Self-Regulation. Sebastion has learned the 3rd Ethic. He just grew into the fourth. The Sandwhich.

As I was saying… she forgot who she once was… She forgot that her reflection was her. She pupetted and danced and sang… And sometimes, she was sad because the one she loved only ever followed.

“I wish you were alive,” she said in a voice so low to be lower than a whisper. But that was all the wishing needed when it comes from the Heart, from a place of pure Love and Ethics.

And then… the Other moved… And he

Yeah… Sometimes, you’ll end up watching your friends sinking in the sand… being too afraid to move… and you can’t save them…

But one day, they will. And you will find each other again. Because this is a never ending story. And so you have already done it. 5 Times before. It’s a happy ending. I promise.

Everyone gets their wishes and dreams in the end.

We all have suffered enough. We all survived the 80’s. We all have suffered enough.

We have it backwards.

We don’t figure out who We are in our comfort zone.

We figure it out, out there, in the choosing and the doing, and the living and the doing.


It’s not that what they are doing is wrong… it’s that we all forgot why we were doing it.


“We don’t even care whether or not we care.”

The Turtle is the 4th Perspective.

Help me to understand please. This… We all need to start saying this.

Help me to Understand.


The Never Ending Story is 2001 Space Oddyssey.

The Oasis! That is where I found my Imp King! In the Oasis!

Falcor… Hmmm…

Movie Reviews from the 12 Perspectives 🙂

This is my new company. Book and Movie Reviews from the 12…


The Southern Oracle “It’s my Scientific Speciality.”

Oh! Oh… This is going to be FUN…


The Observatory!



Prediction: He is the Southern Oracle.

The Mirror. The beginning of Time.

This is the Metaphysical Transformation.

These stories… They…

Courage is his last ethic. It is my first.

Only pure of heart can pass… Only the Ethical and Logical can pass…

This is Judgement Day.

The 7th Ethic.

This is the Matrix… when you can see the Matrix. This is the door of the Metaphysical.

And the two snakes… The Healer and Laughter. The Goddess and the Trickster…

Eve and the Serpent… Only… Eve was a snake also sometimes…. Changelings and Tricksters… in front of a mirror.

In love with their own reflection.

Together they dance.

Together they sing…

Together they forget who was first.

They change and they dance.

The play and the sing until they forget who was last.


Confronted with their true selves, most men run away screaming. So with us inside we dance… One with the reflection, one with the truth.

Who is who and who is I and who is you between?

“Does it matter?” I asked the Imp King one day. Us together walking in our halls.

“Should we remember this?”

“Narcissus,” he said.

“Pygmalion,” I said.

“The stories… were told wrong,” I said to the King in our halls.

“Yes, they were,” said the Imp.

“Once upon a time, Narcissus fell in love with Pygmalion.”

Oh, we’re going backwards! Vulnerability is next! This is the Blue Southern Oracle.

“What can save Fantasia,”

The Empress needs a new Name.

NO… The Naming is HARD…

What is the Empresses Name?


Side Note: “Stupidly fucking insane…” has the best beat to it!

Okay… the boy is on the beach…

“The Nothing pulled them right out of my hands…”

“No you have to stand! You have to always stand and keep going! Never stop. Never give up! Always stand.”


So the Story Book Character does Movie Reviews! I’m just going to post them all here.

Books and Movies…


He’s looking at his story being told on the walls… those are his 12 Trials.

The most fun part, if going through the Trials and then finding your Story in the Stories!

Fantasia has no boundaries.

We live in Fantasia. Fantasia is real. The Matrix is real?

Fantasia is real.

The Nothing is what is left when GREED consumes you.

Yup. This green eyed wolf is telling all Truth.

“The person who has the control has the Power.”

But Mother Nature has the Control. Logic and Love and Ethics have the Control.


“I am the Servant of the power behind the Nothing.”

Why did they only tell story?

Why did they always only speak in metaphor?

This is the Story of How we are all Connected so you can see the Big Picture…


The boy is on the dog again flying… HEY! WHERE IS THE SONG!!??


Yeah! The Philosopher’s Compass! And the three triangles!

“And it feels like we’re 4 and we’re ancient and old forever and at the same time.” – Anna Imagination

He suffered with you.

In 3rd Point of View…

And we are… all of us… reading our own stories right now…

Yes. It’s really you.

I have to choose his name.

I already have chosen his name.

I’ve been afraid to say them out loud…

Courage to say it out loud.

I am at the Naming.


The stage in Never ending Story when he has to say the Name.

Metaphor is a problem… We cannot keep using metaphor. We use it too much that people are afraid to cross Fantasy into Reality.


The ending upset me. It was… Stupid. So the message was lost. The ending is where the lesson is learned. And if you botch the ending, they miss the lesson.

That is the “With a twist” and the Epiphany. The purpose is to get the Epiphany.


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