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Hello, everyone! Good morning!

Welcome to The SECOND Ethic! SELF-AUTHORITY!
This Ethic is VERY different and was not an easy one to find. These Ethics are a Natural Part of our Human Development. All of us when through the First Ethic when we were 1 and 2 years old (It’s why toddlers are fearless… they practice the 1st Ethic Courage every day). Self-Authority is usually where things… go bad for us.
We’re going to step into the world of Parenting for this one…
The Third Ethic is Self-Regulation.
To that one, many of us shrink down in our seats. We know who we are. Self-Regulation, Self-Authority, Courage. These three Core Ethics do a lot more than just what their names imply. They are the literal “ingredients” to Trust.
If you have trust issues, you lack 1 or more of these three Ethics.
But wait! There is more. These three Ethics also are the Core Instructions for. “How to Learn and Educate Yourself” … And if you miss one of these first three ethics, you end up with Black and White Thinking.
You can see how quickly these Three Ethics snowball into severe problems well into Adulthood.
But wait! There is more!
Not having One of these three Ethics results in 99% of all Mental Disorders and Illnesses.
They are the FOUNDATION of Ethical, Happy, and Healthy living. You lose one of these Three Ethics and you end up,
  • Struggling with Learning and incapable of Problem Solving
  • Black and White thinking and/or Catastrophizing
  • Mental Illness
  • Trust Issues
Restoring these Three Ethics is VITAL to Restoring Mental Health. Parents are the key to resolving this problem for the Future. Here we are going to break down how.
I do everything with Formulas. This Formula is going to be “The Happiness Life Formula:
Want +> Choose to Respond +> [Learn + Solve] +> Do
Choice. This… This is the Core to All.
Either you Can or You “Can’t.”
This brings me to something my Music Teacher told me. Not once, but every time she heard the word “Can’t” spoken by her students.
The most impactful thing I ever learned from any teacher was the word “CAN’T.” It was banned. My Music teacher simply WOULD NOT allow it. When we were in her class, we were NOT allowed to use the word “CAN’T.”
That did something to me. It changed something in my head. I took that out of her classroom, and I carried it with me everywhere. “Can’t” simply did not exist in my mind because that teacher banned its use in her class. It still doesn’t (Exist in my mind).
Because she banned that word and, on occasion, explained why it was banned… It was a word that never EVER was inside my head. So when a problem or obstacle came up… It never entered my mind, but to overcome it. And overcome everything I did. Because of that teacher banning that word. To this day… the word does not exist in my head.
It’s something every parent and teacher needs to know. Ban the word “CAN’T” from classrooms and homes. And that was Music class. I only saw her 3 hours a week. Imagine if we all banned the word “Can’t.”
“Can’t” does not exist. It is something you don’t know until you try. And then, when you try, you practice. And then you practice more, and then you do and you succeed and then… you DO. “Can’t” is a word people use when they are Trial-and-Error-ing or haven’t even started. It’s a Fear word that prevents them from getting started, which IS the Learning Stage meant for training. You ARE training yourself to DO. The word “CAN’T” is toxic and counter-productive and useless.
Never use it. – Mrs. Barber
End Quote
And so… I didn’t. Ever.
The Word “Can’t” leads to “I can’t save myself.” … And that, right there, is where Self-Authority goes to die.
Now… are we ready for “Self-Authority” week?”

Thank you so much for joining me on this 12 Ethics Email Challenge and I will be emailing you over coffee tomorrow! 
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May the kindest of words always find you.
Anna S. Imagination
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