23 May 2024 – The Healing Garden Newsletter

Fallen Idols. I just had this conversation with someone last night and, to see today’s topic sheds a new light on The Fallen Idol and how it plays a role in Self-Authority.

A Role Model is not an Idol. I feel like those words are very connected linguistically: “Model” vs. “Idol.”

“Tomorrow, we talk on “Idolizing.” The Pitfall of the Absence of Self-Authority.” – Anna from Yesterday 
When we Idolize someone or Something, we put it on a pedestal of Higher Authority than ourselves. “Authority” is just the distribution of Power. And when you Idolize someone or Something, you create a Hierarchy and place yourself at the bottom.
Self-Authority puts you on Equal Footing with others and, in Power Economics, one learns that Equal Footing is the only place where Emotional Transactions for Human Connection can occur. Power Economics is the Study, Logic, and Applied Practice of nurturing that Equal Footing to ensure the most out of our connections and relationships.
Without Self-Authority our ability to Connect with others is significantly obstructed.
The invisible symptom of Idolizing something or someone is Self-Doubt. A lack of Confidence. It is the misplaced Self-Power that’s been “gifted” to another without Discernment or Evaluation. With Logical Trust, Self-Authority allows a person to wisely evaluate and cherry pick “reliable experts.” Without Trust, those with Self-Authority questions everyone and everything almost aggressively.
With Blind Trust and no Self-Authority (Idolizing), an Individual never questions the validity of their Idol. This is where we see people sacrifice their minds, independence, and Autonomy with mindsets like, “I’m not qualified to argue or disagree.” This extends to “I’m not qualified to use Discernment to even determine if this person’s Perspective or information is even Nutritional Knowledge.”
The long-term side effect of this is a life of blindly deferring to “Authorities” and “Professionals.”
Self-Authority teaches us how to WISELY and Strategically discern if someone is an Expert (NOT an “Authority”) in any given subject. An Expert exceeds the Mastered Skill-Level of a Subject. The ONLY Authority is YOU.
And that is the difference. Self-Authority deems YOU the Authority to decide WHICH Experts are relevant to YOU.
Replacing the word “Expert” with “Authority” is a death sentence to our Autonomy.
The 2nd Ethic hyper-focuses are Authority. The Trial of the 2nd Ethic? Putting yourself as the Leading Authority of YOU. This includes questioning gods, religions, laws, rules, parents, traditions, and cultures. 
Those who do not accomplish the 2nd Ethic become dangerously and obediently Submissive to gods, religions, laws, rules, parents, traditions, and cultures. They become so “Loyal” or so “Obedient” that they sacrifice their Mind.
Confidence and Security are lost and break down further, and self-esteem lowers. Defensiveness increases. Fear increases. Cultivation of Self-Authority is Responsibility. It is the Conscious Choice to choose what to filter to let into your life, your mind, and your perspective.
“But without Law, God, and Rules, won’t I become Unethical!?”
This is the greatest myth, misconception about Ethics and this Fear is what prevents people from moving beyond the 2nd Ethic. Remember. Courage. 
Courage to Trust your Self. 
Courage to Trust your own Growth. 
Courage to stop possessing God, Law, and Rules for Security. This is Dependence. 
You are not abandoning the Ethics. You are abandoning your Dependence on them and the need to Possess in Fear. 
Trust yourself to take this step to learn Self-Authority. And that leads to you learning where you do need Self-Law. 
Laws are born from Need. And when you shift that Authority onto yourself, you get to evaluate WHERE the Law is needed. And thus, you start creating Self-Laws for yourselves to preserve… Love. 
The Ethics are the Stages of Love. And we are born with Love. It is Love that keeps us Ethical. And we already have that. Ethics are the NAMED Laws to preserve Love. Without the Ethics, we fail to Preserve Love, and thus, without these 12 Ethics, we fail to Preserve Love. When we consciously use the 12 Ethics, we Nurture and Protect Love and thus, we start to compose SELF-Law and SELF-BOUNDARIES in the 3rd and 4th Ethic so that we can GOVERN our Self and PRESERVE Love. 
Courage to tear down the Idols in your life. Including gods.
If you are religious, think about this. God is Love. Ethics are Love. The ETHICS are “God.” LOVE for Self and LOVE for All is the TRUE God. What you are really “taking down” is the Material “Man” concept of the Man-Made “God” that was placed on a pedestal. 
Because what happens at the 3rd Ethic is Self-Authority in Practice, which teaches you the Value and Ethic of PERSONAL LAW. And BOUNDARIES. The Ethics are so woven tightly to Education and Intelligence, that it is not possible to gain Wisdom and True Power without the Ethics. The more knowledge a person gains in the Ethics, the more True Power they receive, the more Ethical they become. 
Hence, Nutritional Knowledge.  
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