24 May 2024 The Healing Garden Newsletter

There! This is so much better. This is The Philosopher’s Fountain. One day, I will have this Fountain in the middle of The Healing Garden all centered around my Alexandria University.

Often, I see her as a giant pebble I’ve cast into the pool of water and now I’m watching the ripples expand out into the world. One person can make a difference.

Enjoyment is Happiness. They are Synonymous. We pursue Happiness not aware that in the Pursuit of Happiness, we lose Happiness. There are so many idioms like “The Pursuit of Happiness” that give False Direction and become a Red Herring. So we redirect our lives away from the things we want the most while we all chase red herrings.

All because we don’t think about the words.

So when I say to you Self-Authority and the 2nd Ethic, what I’m really trying to say to you is Have the Courage to Change. Have the Courage to go out and find out who you are. Have the Courage to Discover YOU. Because that is really what the 12 Ethics and the 2nd Ethic is about.

It’s Learning about YOU.

We have taken the Self out of EVERYTHING in life. It’s why we’re all scared. It’s why we’re all lost and empty. It’s why we’re not happy. The Self does not at all exist in so many of us. We were raised to think that The Self is Toxic.

Imagine if the World Emperor was a Narcissist. How would he rule? What if this World Emperor could make up laws, What laws do you think he would invent?

Laws like, “Be Selfless!

“Sacrifice yourself for Others!”

It’s Selfish to not put Others first!

Give all that you have and put yourself first!

The World Emperor would create marketing like, “Pursue Happiness” implying that Happiness is in the Chase or at the End of the Chase, distracting you from stopping, thinking, and appreciating what is right in front of you.

Marketing like, “Emotions are Irrational! Listen to me instead!” when in fact, Emotions are highly Logical and are always right.

I can teach you every Red Herring’d Lie we were all fed by this World Emperor, or I could just teach you how to listen to your Heart. Feel the Feelings first. Let the Feelings take Image in your mind. What does the Image look like? What does the Feeling feel like? And then, what words would you use to sculpt the Image and the Feelings? Do the words match the Feelings?


My daughter asked my last night, “What is Logic?”

Logic is the Skill of Matching Senses. As in Common Sense. Common Senses.

Logic is just The Scale of Matched and Equal Sense, which is Truth. X = X. Logic is Just Balance of the Senses. Truth is when the Senses are Matched. Which is why, in Math, we say, “Is this a True Statement” or “The equation is True.” Which is why there is an “Equal” sign on either side of the Calculator. Both sides have to match in Equilibrium.

The two sides of this Equation is Mother Nature’s Logic, Math, and Physics and Your Intuition, Observation, and Compounded Knowledge.

Imagine a Life where the simple aligned balance of Nature permeates your lifestyle and choices so deeply that when you desire and choose, you do and you become without any resistance. And, because the best Motivator and Teacher in the world is Pleasure, Mother Nature gifts you the reward of Joy, Satisfaction, Pleasure, and Fulfillment. And so you do it again.

Imagine using your Dreams as Goals to Motivate yourself into Strategic and Deliberate Action to obtain the Emotional Reward of Joy. And to do this with such clarity and ease that you become a Master at this Skill. It is a Skill.

This is Human Propagation. Life, Prosperity, Wealth, and Enjoyment.

But if you don’t live in Enjoyment, if you don’t stop chasing and instead start Working… In physics, “Work” means Transferring Stored Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy, So… if you spend that Stored Potential Emotional Energy you have on Strategic and Deliberate Kinetic Energy that will nurture your Garden into the results you want instead of chasing after something, you can relish the beauty of your Garden while you work.

Build. Don’t chase. Enjoy and savor each and every moment.

The Discovery, the Action, the Enjoyment, the Adventure, this is The Second Ethic. Self-Authority through Practical Applied Courage.

Introducing Meditation for Practicing the Skill of Enjoyment

Join us for “What if Meditation was just Practiced Enjoyment?” Later today on Facebook (I’m heading there now actually) https://www.facebook.com/groups/meditationfortriadichealing

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All The Parts of You
Do you know All the Parts that make up The Self? How can One nurture The Whole Self, if they don’t even know all the Parts of the Self. This is an OLD Subject (2,000 years) that Philosophers have already torn apart on every level. In Pythagorean Psychology, we are very familiar with this concept. Today at The Philosopher’s Fountain, we break this down and dive deep into this.

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