3 June 2024 – The Healing Garden Newsletter

Hello, my beautiful people. Let’s try something different… 

Take a deep breath in. Hold. Look around you. And take in the room and space where you are. Pause.

And thus the world goes round… 
Self-Authority is the Command of the Self. And Self-Control is the Authority directed to the Commands of your own life so you can steer yourself anywhere you want to go. This is our Story. 
Where you choose to take your life. What Commands you give to you and where you choose to go. 
Self-Authority is the decision to take control of your own ship, to set the heading and to go. 
It is the Authority to circumvent and navigate the seas as you make your way to your destination, and either you have the education to do this consciously and effectively or you don’t, and, unfortunately, our Educational System does not teach this skill. 
You cannot sail without a plan. You will drift. 
You cannot sail safely without the knowledge to steer your ship. 
Without knowledge or a plan, you risk drifting right into the storms, hitting rocks, (which are the summits of Sea Mountains), and then you runaground. You sink, and you live stuck in the eye of the storm. 
You have 7 Parts of your Mental System. Do you know them? Are you working with your mind as a team? Are you even talking to your team? Or were you told that that was “Crazy?” 
Again… take a deep breath in. Hold. Pause. Pause… Pause…
And Release. 
The Mind is Abstract and it is inside of you. How well do you know Mastery of The Abstract? Because it is inside of you and if you don’t know how to Master the Abstract, then the Abstract commands you… 
But most of us were taught that the Abstract is Fiction…. 
Money is Abstract. 
Time is Abstract. 
Mathematics is Abstract. 
Physics is Abstract. 
Emotions are Abstract. 
These are Abstract. Are they not real?
Imagination is Abstract. 
Make-believe is Abstract. 
The truth is, only Ontologists (philosophers who study Reality) know what is really real and what is not.
The Abstract is the Invisible Catalyst of The Material Plane. Master the Abstract and you Master the Mind and you Master the Material Plane. Order of Operations and Sequencing matter. Words matter.
If you wish to control The Self, then you need Rules, Laws, and Boundaries with which to sail and live by. Without your rules and laws you will live with a Lawless Mind, at the Mercy of the Abstract. 
Self-Control is all about learning the Subconscious mind and using your Self-Authority to Manage the Self, The Mind, and your Life.
Take a deep breath in. Hold. Pause. Pause… Pause… And Release. Center yourself on your Truth. 
And what kind of a Leader of the Self will you be? 
Think on this. 
How you choose to address your Mind matters. 
The biggest lie we were told is that “Humans are Too Soft… and need to be toughened up.”
Humans are Changelings. 
And will become whatever they are told to become… they will become whatever they need to become to fit the story they are told. 
What story will you tell yourself? 
Who do you want to be? 
This is where Self-Control begins. 

May the Kindest of Words always find you,

Warmest wishes,

Anna Imagination

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