Conversations with The Universe

They say “Do what feels right. Do what feels True to You.” And when I tap into that Energy, it’s the same thing.

“Anna. What makes you happy?”

“Telling stories to people.”

“Keep it simple,” The Universe says to me.

“I want to help people by telling them my story and giving them my Imagination. I want to help people by giving them an alternate dimension that they can play in.

Every one says, “Don’t Dissociate! Abandon the Imagination! Stay Grounded!”

But… I know the Logical Fallacy in those words. I See Logic.

Dissociation is numb. It’s dead inside. It’s cold. It’s mindless, unthinking…

You know what Dissociation isn’t?

That is what they told me. That “Imagination was Dissociation.” But… If that were the case, then, after I resolved all of my mental illnesses, then Imagination would not still be here. But she is.

Why do we still dream if dreams are the stuff of children?
Why do we still make-believe when make-believe is the stuff of children?

Maybe… just maybe… Imagination, play, dreams, and make-believe are for people and not just children.

I would die without my Imagination. And I think that I am not the Only One.

So then, “I asked the Universe, “Why do I have an Imagination if I’m all better?”

And to me she said, “Imagination is a lot more than anyone really knows. Go bigger…”

And I can feel it. The depths of Imagination. I can feel it. And I too can feel just how suppressed they forced back my Imagination.

And I think that I am not the Only One.

Telling stories to people makes me happy. All stories. Come, join my audience. I teach, I play, I sing, I dance through Story. And if you learn something from my stories, *smiles* well, then, that’s even better.

But… If you just find respite in my stories, or you find parable, hope, answers, understanding? May I forever regale you with my story.

But… I cannot walk among you any way other than As I Am. Because I have lived in a world without logic. I have lived in a world without choice. I have lived in a world without love. I have lived in a world without hope. And of all the worlds I have lived in, this one, where I am a Goddess of Story who can manifest anything from story, giving me the power to manifest a world of peace, a world where we all heal, a world, where we all live happily ever after always,

Well then, that is the world I want. And that is the world I give to you… even if it is just for a moment.

About the Author: Anna Imagination