Accountability (The 5th Ethic)

Ethical Law And Natural Order
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There is nothing more ludicrous than the concept that anyone can FORCE another person to be Accountable for their own actions.

Only Self-Authority can choose to be Self-Accountable. 

Anything else is the raping of the Power of Choice and a violation of the Unethical’s Self-Authority and Self-Control. 

One could argue that the Unethical does not have “the right” to their Power of Choice, but Mother Nature would strongly disagree. 

The Unethical becomes Unethical when an Individual violates the Power of Choice. When others attempt to enforce the 5th Ethic onto another before they are ready, it only succeeds in one consequence: 

The Judgement enforces the Unethical’s belief, which caused the Unethical Action to begin with: “I have no Power over my Choice or my Self.”

Instead of “correcting” the Unethical, they in fact worsen it and they become part of the problem. Which is why most Unethical repeat the Cycle.

If the Agenda of Justice is to “correct the Imbalance,” Mother Nature is already 10 steps ahead of Man. 

She corrects her Imbalance with Consumption.

The Enforces only interfere, feed their own Consumption, and get in the way of a process that has nothing to do with them. 

“But what about the Victims?” 

The Victims really need Education and Training in Self-Preservation. The Victims are the only ones who have the Authority to address the Unethical.

A Judiciary System takes this right away from the Victim and nurtures the “Powerlessness” of the Victim, keeping the Victim in a Victim Mindset. 

The Judiciary System harms both the Unethical and The Victim.

This Course walks you through the Process that Mother Nature has in place. It is designed to educate you on the Process so that you know when you are being punished because you have violated her Ethics.

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