Always Remember. Never Forget.

Ethical Law And Natural Order
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I was mad. I was so mad. 

9/11 had happened and we were told “Always Remember. Never Forget.”

“What!?” I remember screaming. “What am I supposed to Remember!?”

The pain? My rape? The genocide? The fear? 

Why would I ever remember that? Why did I want to walk away from 9/11 remembering THAT? 

I knew what that would lead to. Vengeance. Hate. War. Genocide. 

So then what? What am I supposed to Remember?

The human connection that followed? The New Yorker Brotherly Love we found for years to come? 

What!? What are we supposed to Remember!?

What indeed. 

Since 2001, I have been asking that question. That question and pursuit would lead me to the 12 Ethics. 

I remember when I realized that the 12 Ethics were the cure to Genocide, Prejudice, and Crime. 

I remember when I realized that the loss of the 12 Ethics are the Invisible Catalyst for every single war, crime, abuse, loathing, hatred, fear… 

All of the Worst of our Race is because we forgot the 12 Ethics.

And that is when it occurred to me…

The Ten Commandments were really the 12 Ethics. Every single Genius playing The Game figured this out. And each of us took turns adding the 2 Missing Ethics to our Art. 

Ayn Rand’s was quite profound. 

“What are the 2 missing Commandments?”

For me, they are Always Remember the 12 Ethics. Never Forget the 12 Ethics.

And then I saw all the examples throughout all of history to remind us what happens when we do.

For me, that is when “Always Remember. Never Forget.” became the Ethical Creed of Life.

Suddenly, the other 10 Commandments paled in comparison to these 12 Ethics. 

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