The Self-Governed Party of Ethical Law and Natural Order

Ethical Law And Natural Order
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I do not belong to any Political Party.

I realized, in our world, that if I did not assign myself to a Political Party, then other people would.

A Political Party actually is a summation of an Individual’s Ethics.

There are 12 Laws of Ethics.

Our Political System only recognizes the 3rd and 4th Ethic.

The 5th (Libertarian) and the 6th (Green Party) are trying to Emerge, and have failed thus far.

But, the entire System belongs to the 4th Ethic.

I don’t play their game. I do not play that game. 

I do not acknowledge any Hierarchy. 

I answer only to the Ethical Law and Natural Order. 

  • Do No Harm. 
  • The 12 Ethics.
  • Logic, Math, and Physics.

These are My Authority. No one else is above MY Authority.

In point of fact, This is THE ONLY Authority.

  • Do No Harm. 
  • The 12 Ethics.
  • Logic, Math, and Physics.

And to do less than this is to have Consumption. No Law, Enforcement, or Judicial System required. 

When someone is educated in Mother Nature’s Law and Order, they understand quite clearly the 1st Rule:

She is coming for you. And there is no escape.

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