The Art of The Pacifist’s War : Taking Down The Powerful Bully
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Many people think Anger is dangerous. They are afraid of it. They suppress it. 

Anger is Fuel. 

You can focus that Fuel into a Nuclear Weapon or a Power Plant. 

You can focus that Fuel into a War Head or a Green Farm. 

Anger is dangerous unless and until you recognize the Fuel and Power behind Anger and you strategize on where you are going to put that Fuel. 

Logical Strategy and Chain Reaction Science partnered with Passion and Anger that is 100% controlled by Self-Discipline and Planning is POWERFUL. 

In order to conquer a Powerful Bully, you are going to have to master this Discipline. 

Ask yourself this question: 

Using my Anger, How can I make the Greatest Impact with the least amount of Energy to reach my goal?

What is your goal?

What do you want? 

And understand that when focus your Energy into your Mission with Pythagorean Psychology, you make a much greater impact in the world.

Move Smart and Wise.

Use your Anger to Fuel your Chain Reaction Strategically. 

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