The Art of The Pacifist’s War : Taking Down The Powerful Bully
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Some Bullies are so powerful that the war against them are futile, and they know it. This imbalance of power is so stacked against you, that taking up arms will work against you. 

In the case of the powerful Bully, you must use a different tactic. 

Think Ghandi vs. The British Empire.

Think exactly like Ghandi vs. The British Empire. 

You have to show the world, first and foremost who the real Underdog is and who the real Bully is. 

To do that, you must lay down arms. 

To do that, you must Get Smart. 

The Powerful Bully cannot be dethroned by military methods.


Study The Narcissist Cure. 

Learn how the Bully thinks. And remember. Narcissism is always a Societal Disease. It cannot exist without a Victim.

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