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The Narcissist Cure
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The Narcissist’ Truth

The Narcissist’s True Name :

Hypocrite : The Magician, The Coward, The Salesmen


Mitchell’s Secrets: 

  • Power without Responsibility
  • Power without True Authority
  • No Authority because they are not Experts (Experts = Quality)

They Hide their secrets by using their Salesman and Magic to Sell their Fake Authority to you, selling you on their Degrees and Titles without any Quality.

Powers Of Authority that Attract Mitchell:

  • Government
  • Attorney / Law
  • Medical / Mental Health
  • Education
  • Money / Finance / Business

Mitchell’s Laws For The People:

  1. I am the Authority
  2. Don’t question Authority
  3. Creates “Red Tape”

How to stop Mitchell:

  • Your Logic
  • Self-Authority
  • Your Intuition
  • Feelings (NOT Emotions)
  • What the Situation *actually* looks like

What are you really dealing with? 

You cannot use words borrowed from someone else. 

As soon as the Narcissist realizes you are breaking down their Delusion, they become violent to preserve the Delusion. 

One trick they use is to immediately invent NEW words to fabricate a NEW Delusion so you can’t “Catch On” to what they are doing. But you have to anticipate this and stay 10 steps ahead of them. 

The Red Flags of Narcissist:

  • Pursue positions of Power that allow them to Control their Preferred Mode of Realized Power
  • Power without Responsibility
  • “Have to be The First In Line.”
  • Bate and Switch
  • Overselling You
  • “Don’t Worry.”
  • Requiring Immediate Urgency 
  • Manufacturing Sales by Being a Bully
  • Attacking the Equal Footing

Learn The Narcissist’s Tool Box: 

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