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Learn the Talk and you Walk the Walk.

Narcissism is like a Virus that spreads through our Language. Our language controls our Point of View.

Say that again.

Your language controls your point of View. The Narcissist uses Language to Shift Your Point of View wherever they want so they can blind you to the Truth behind their Curtain.

This language is designed to remove Narcissism from your Mind, Pick up on it from Others, and be able to Protect your own Mind from their Language Controls.

Language are the Controls to your Point of View. And our Language is CONTAMINATED with Power Controls.


Our Narcissist Cure Course resolves this, but this article is a great place to start.


Apologize means “To Learn,” which is why a True Apology contains the reverse engineering of The Lesson Learned. In truth, it is the integration of an Ethic.

The Integration of the Ethic imbeds it into your Cognitive Core in Ethical HonorBound between the Self and The Universe. This is Spiritual (of the Energy), and it is Physics (of the Energy). I prefer the Physics, however as I am not at all


Helping is Toxic because it violates and compromises both The Giver’s and The Receiver’s Responsibility and Power through enabling. Let people Learn. Encourage is True Helping.


“Thank you, but I like to Problem Solve my own Problems please.”

Probably the most powerful words I have said this year.


“I am Sorry” means “I have learned on an Integrated Ethical Level.”

This results in you never violating your Ethic again with experiencing Remorse.


Humility and Humble is the feeling required prior to an Apology. It is not a loss of “self-esteem.” Not at all.

It is the Awareness, Accountability, and Ownership (Responsibility) felt during Ethical Remorse (Guilt) and Regret, as well as the Submission and Consensual Vulnerability to be open to Receive a Lesson to be learned.

Accountability can only be achieved through the Projection of the Self from 3rd to 1st to experience the Point of View of the Other.

If you owe Apology to someone, True Apology, you will not be permitted to Manifest except in Personal Growth. So saith I.

Remorse is Guilt.


“I know you like to control things, but you do not control me.” – Under the Dome by Stephen King


What you feel when you say “Guilt” is really Shame. “Embarrassment for Disobeying.”


“That is my Power of Choice. Please and I do not allow anyone to touch it.”

“That is my Responsibility and I’m very protective over my Responsibility because it preserves and protects my Power of Choice and my Self-Authority, so please. I like to control my own Responsibility.”


“Excuse me, but I am allowed to use my Words as I need to use my words because they reflect my Perspective so I can best understand my Logical Comprehension at my Perspective.”

“My words are much more than just words. They preserve and Nurture a Healthy Perspective.”

“Wait a moment. I need to translate this in my head from my Perspective to Common Perspective. One moment. Please understand if I am talking slowly.”

Your Privacy

People who are abused struggle protecting their Privacy. They are so used to the violation that they don’t question it. Privacy is a feeling of Vulnerable Intimacy.


Contaminated Words

“Allow” Only Narcissists say “Allow” or “Let.” Healthy people say “Accept” and “Welcome”

Mooch is a contaminated word that originally meant “To Hoard.”

Today we say “To ask for or to be obtain without paying for it.”

But Narcissists say, “It’s begging.”

Power Manifestations for Ethical Leaders and Power Healers


“I want to be upheld to Ethical Law.”

“I will remember everything that is mine to remember.”

“I will always remember everything.”

“I will follow my Intuition to my True Center.”

Home is an Emotion. It is the Emotion only felt when you are among True Friends.


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