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The Narcissist Cure
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There are three types of Abusers: 

  1. The Maskless Covid Cougher at the Playground who yells at others for not minding their feelings. “The Invalid Abuser.”
  2. The Emotionally Unavailable on Dating Apps. You know the ones. They are trying to date without doing the work. “The Passive Abuse.”
  3. The Playground Bully. “The Aggressive Abuser”

Everyone hastes on the Playground Bully. But I have a real thorn in my side for the Covid Cougher who commands everyone else to Eggshell Walk. 

If you are not Emotionally Armored, you should not be at the Playground. YOU are responsible for YOUR actions. If you go out to play at the beach, you’re going to sand in your shoes.


The other overlooked Abuser is the Individual who puts themselves out there like they are “Available” when they are not. They leave a path of broken hearts in their wake.


The “Freebie” Collector. These are the people who wander from Business to Business. Table to Table, collecting as much as they can without ever buying. They are always first in line for handouts, fast with the slander if someone asks for money, and wanders market without ever bringing their wallet. 

Be Mindful. If you are not paying, you should never take up someone’s time more than 30 minutes and never more than once. A Business Owner’s Attention and Time is their Service and Resource. 

Taking up their time, takes away their Resources. It’s theft. And if you’ve exceeded their window, you can expect to get a sales pitch or get ignored. 

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