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The Narcissist Cure
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Every time someone helps someone, they deny them the ability to practice the Problem Solving skill, which can result in suffering, mental illness, and death.

People need to problem solve.

By directing them to Logic and The Problem Solving Skill, you are helping them. 

In truth “Helping” is Disabling.

The biggest “eye-opener” to this concept is the Homeless Community. I have done a lot of research on the Homeless Community. These are people who, unfortunately, simply did not learn the Problem Solving Skill. Many of them became homeless because they asked for help and kept

They did not begin to beg because they were Homeless. They became Homeless because they begged. And people helped them. People helped them so much that they never learned to Problem Solve and they exhausted their resources and the resources of others around them. 

Now this is not “every single Homeless case,” but it is the majority of cases, which is why they don’t seek out the free and accessible resources that are there for the Homeless Community. 

In the long run, every time you “help” someone, you are interfering with their Problem Solving Skill by providing them with relief and thus, reward for not Problem Solving, which, in turns, communicates the lesson to them “I don’t have to Problem Solve. Some one will always help me if I just beg” … until they don’t.

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