#36 The Philosopher’s Fountain
About Lesson

This is a game WITHOUT Competition.

If you compete, you’ve lost.

Cheating is not possible in this game!

You can share. Work together. Form teams. In fact, you may have no other choice. You will require to work together.

Common Denominators and Consistency Point to Truth. So you will require three data points at times to get the answer.


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DO NOT trust the Words of The UnVulnerable, the Mask Wearers, or Strangers. 

Trust only The Vulnerable and Transparent Friend who has passed the Trials.

“How do you sort out the liars?”

**Anna smiles…**

By working together and using Logical Mathematics, of course.

  • Compare for Consistency.
  • Insist on the Logical Proof.
  • Insist on the Source. But be kind. Gentle Mercy.
  • We all have suffered. We all are doing our best. Show them Gentle Mercy and Compassion because they have never seen it before you.
  • You require three points of Data (at least).
  • Vulnerable Transparency. Only the Logically Ethical can speak Truth enough to be Seen.

Clue: Is Available

You may also request a Ladle Of Water or Contact Anna at any time along your Journey.


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